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Mario Manningham Signs with San Francisco 49ers

Mario Manningham Super Bowl XLVI CatchFree Agent Wide Receiver Mario Manningham has signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

The former New York Giants WR reached an agreement with San Francisco late yesterday, agent Drew Rosenhaus informed the press of the 2 year deal. Mario Manningham arguably had the most important catch during Super Bowl XLVI when he caught a 38 yard pass from Eli Manning which extended a drive and helped the Giants secure a victory.

The 49ers had clear deficiencies when it came to their passing game. It was evident in the NFC Championship game that TE Vernon Davis was their best receiver. Now they have added Randy Moss, Super Mario to go along with Davis and their young receiver Michael Crabtree who has been a bit disappointing. I would venture to say that Continue reading

Victor Cruz Dances Salsa on Grammys

Victor Cruz Salsa Dance GrammysNew York Giants WR Victor Cruz dances salsa during last night's live telecast of the Grammys.

Fellow NY Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham joined him on stage along with Pauley Perette from the hit show NCIS, they were presenting an award for "Best Rock Performance".

Pauley Perette seemed a bit confused and was probably just nervous. She started of her introduction with "Right, how about these players". It would have been more adequate to introduce them as Super Bowl Champions as opposed to "these players". Here is the Victor Cruz salsa dancing Grammy video. Continue reading

Mario Manning 38 Yard Catch in Super Bowl XLVI

Mario Manningham Super Bowl XLVI CatchThe play of the game was Mario Manningham's 38 yard catch (reception) on a perfectly thrown ball by Eli Manning in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLVI against the New England Patriots.

Super Mario had misplayed an early pass by Eli and stepped out of bounds before securing the ball. Manningham definitely made up for that mishap with this amazing catch which started the comeback drive.

As you will see in the video it was not an easy catch by the New York Giants receiver. He had 2 defenders on him, it was an over the shoulder catch close to the sideline so his coordination to catch the ball and keep his feet in bounds had to be perfect, and it was! Here is the video. Continue reading

Game Day Photos New York Giants and Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field

Some of the best game day photos from this Sunday's divisional playoff game between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

Kenny Phillips jumps into stands to join New York Giants Blue Cheeseheads at Lambeau Field Continue reading

Pick Your Poison Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz or Mario Manningham

Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Mario ManninghamHakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham all possess the ability to catch a short pass and turn it into a touchdown in the blink of an eye.

So opposing NFL teams pick your poison when it comes to covering New York Giants wide receivers.

On Sunday during the NFC Wild Card Playoff game the Atlanta Falcons learned just how difficult it is to defend these young and extremely talented group of receivers. Most of the talk this week centered around Victor Cruz of course after his last two performances. Atlanta defenders made it clear they were not going to allow the salsa dancing wide out to beat them for a big play but they failed to take into account New York's Continue reading

Mario Manningham 27 Yard TD vs Atlanta Falcons

Mario Manningham 27 Yard TD vs FalconsGiants wide receiver Mario Manningham 27 yard TD catch vs the Atlanta Falcons. A beautiful pass thrown by New York QB Eli Manning.

This score gave the GMEN a 24-2 lead and pretty much sealed the win in this NFC Wild Card playoff game.

New York has 3 very good wide receivers and they are all finally healthy at the same time. This team is looking scary! Here is the video of the Manningham touchdown reception. Continue reading

Mario Manningham’s Dropped TD Blessing In Disguise for NY Giants

Mario Manningham vs Cowboys Week 14It may turn out to be the best drop a player ever had. Mario Manningham dropped a TD in the final drive against the Dallas Cowboys in week 14 which would have given the Giants the lead. That dropped pass may have turned out to be a blessing is disguise for the Giants.

Manningham who is a talented wide receiver, has the ability to break a short pass for a huge gain at any time but unfortunately he is also known for having butterfingers. In a game where both teams played Swiss cheese defense this play turned out to be huge.

The drop by the Giants WR occurred with 1:27 left on the clock. If he would have caught that pass Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys would have had that time left to start their final drive. Instead New York was forced to run a few more plays which eventually led to a Brandon Jacobs TD run. There were 46 seconds left on the clock at this point in Continue reading

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