NY Giants Second Half Collapse Is A Holiday Tradition Under Coughlin

NY Giants Second Half Collapse TraditionNovember signifies the beginning of many traditions and holidays but for the NY Giants it means a second half collapse is right around the corner.

The Giants record is always a good indicator of the inevitable. Once they hit the 6-2 mark you know it's coming! Under Tom Coughlin the team has now been 6-2, 5 times. Two of those five times, they failed to make the playoffs.

Under Coughlin they have a record of 53-19 in the first half, compare that to the second half record of 27-39. The month of November is especially brutal for the GMEN under TC, they have a record of 13-21.

A Tradition The New York Giants Wish They Didn't Have

Over many of those seasons one of the contributors of the debacles is Offensive Coordinator or like I have begun calling him "Field Goal Coordinator" Kevin Killdrive Gilbride. He is by far and away one of the most conservative play callers in the NFL. Kevin Gilbride's motto seems to be when in doubt call a draw play and secure the Field Goal.

The Giants are horrendous in the red zone. Maybe it's due to the fact that many times they don't actually throw the ball into the end zone!!! Gilbride will call pass plays short of the end zone or the aforementioned draw play and predictable runs. The run, run, throw game plan needs to change!

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell doesn't get a pass. In my opinion Steve Spagnuolo was one of the best we have had in many seasons. Fewell is a good coordinator but he isn't Spags! To be fair however, the Giants defense is always banged up and missing key players. It happens every season and really takes a toll on the continuity of the team. Also contributing is the offense who puts the D in difficult positions with turnovers and quick 3 and outs which do not allow the defense to rest.

Reasons for Consistent Collapses?

It's really hard to pin point one specific reason. I truly belief the play calling especially from Kevin Killdirve Gilbride is a key component.

The schedule for the Giants has been more difficult during second halves over the past few seasons. With that said New York just lost against a 3-5 Bengals team with the 20th ranked defense!

Mental lapses and lack of discipline seems to be the biggest issue for this team. Some of the boneheaded plays coming from offensive and defensive players are inexcusable. Eli Manning's second interception this week was something you would expect from a rookie not from a Super Bowl MVP with his credentials. As much as I respect and appreciate Ahmad Bradshaw's hard running, sometimes it's a good thing to be smart instead of tough, going down after a first down has been gained is better than not going down and fumbling the football!

The Giants second half schedule is TOUGH! They come back from their bye week to face the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys are now 4-5 and will face the Browns week 11 which will most likely have them at 5-5 . It's very possible by the end of week 12 the Giants will be 6-5 along with the Cowboys, something which seemed impossible 2 weeks back. There is no guarantee that 2 teams will come out of the NFC East so winning the Division is a must. The squandered opportunities against the Eagles and Steelers added with this past weeks performance has to make even the most loyal fans a bit nervous. The Giants continued tradition of losing winnable games (3 this season) and the unavoidable collapse under Tom Coughlin may have come back to bite them in the ass in 2012.

2 Responses to NY Giants Second Half Collapse Is A Holiday Tradition Under Coughlin

  • Chris Springman says:

    Tired of the Giants drama in the month of November. Too many of these games should be automatic wins. Not being able to beat the Bengals is embarrassing and makes all coaches look inefficient not only Gilbride. I do understand your gripe with Kevin Gilbride and you would be right to say he doesn’t call a good game but he isn’t the only issue on this team right now.

  • John F says:

    If you look at Coughlin’s record with the Giants specifically in November it is even worse. They showed it during the game on Sunday on Fox and it was astoundingly bad. I wonder if it has anything to do with training methods resulting in the Giants being more fatigued by November, compared to other teams? It seems to happen too often to just be ‘bad luck’.

    I will say this – the schedule makers seem to consistently give the Giants a much tougher 2nd half to their schedule than the first. When was the last time the Giants played a Cleveland or a Kansas City in November or December? Seems like those ‘easier’ games almost always come in September or October. This may be a result of the Giants being a good ratings getter for the networks.

    I hope the Giants’ players don’t think they are just going to be able to magically turn a switch and play better when late November comes around. i admire the Giants for their professional attitude from the owners on down to the players. But one thing that really bothers me about this team is their inconsistency and appearance of ‘not showing up’ mentally and emotionally for some games.

    Hopefully they will come out of the bye with a new attitude and pick it up from here, starting with Green Bay. Let’s hope so…

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