Eli Manning and Giants Continue Descent By Losing Against The Bengals

Week 10 NY Giants vs Cincinnati BengalsWeek 10 against the Bengals confirms the New York Giants customary second half of the season descent as they lose 31-13.

It was an embarrassing game for the team but especially for the offense.

Old Eli Manning seems to have reared his ugly head. His decision making has to be questioned. Some of the interceptions cannot be excused anymore. He began as an elite QB but now has taken a step back. Eli is too talented and intelligent to make these boneheaded throws which are hurting the team, especially the defense.

Eli has always been a turnover machine but always seems to find a way to make up for his mistakes by winning games in dramatic fashion. It's true the Giants have won 2 Super Bowls with Eli, it's also true they stunk up the joint for many seasons with Eli as well. It's no secret how I and many fans feel about the Offensive Coordinator or what I like to call the Field Goal Coordinator Kevin Killdrive Gilbride. He needs to be seriously looked at by Tom Coughlin.

Kevin Gilbride's Red Zone Offense

It's almost unbelievable that a team like New York cannot score touchdowns in the red zone. The team is loaded on offense yet can't muster up any plays which score TD's as opposed to Field Goals. Against the Bengals today in the first half, the Giants were in the red zone and Kevin Killdrive Gilbride called 3 plays, not one was called as a play that actually had the ball going into the end zone. Of course the obligatory draw play was stuffed and then 2 throws which were short not only of the end zone but also of the first down marker which was positioned close to the 5 yard line.

It's a silly question but does Gilbride not understand that it's a good thing to actually score TD's! As I have stated over and over before Kevin Gilbride's conservative play calling is very predictable.

On defense the Giants weren't good either, the pass rush went MIA today. To be fair, the offense put the GMEN defense in some terrible positions with 2 interceptions and also 2 fumbles. The defense also has a lot of key injuries which affect the chemistry of the team. Corey Websters is just not what he used to be. Seems this is the same points I made last week but it continues to be the same issues.

Last week the Giants had a chance to win, this week it wasn't even close. They seemed completely out of it, no rhythm, no fight in the team. New York wen 5 of 14 on 3rd downs, as usual of late they seem to have 3rd and longs which puts them in predictable passing situations.

Andy Dalton threw 4 touchdown passes against Big Blue. Too many times in the last couple of seasons do we hear that opposing players had career highs against New York.  The Giants are off next week and their lead is about to shrink, the Cowboys are playing the Eagles right now and one of those 3-5 teams is going to be 4-5 and right behind the GMEN.

The New York Giants have a very tough schedule ahead unlike the Cowboys who have most of their games at home and against much easier competition. Any fans thinking the division race was over, is living in an alternate universe and has not been paying attention to the last few seasons under Coughlin. Buckle up Giants fans it's going to get interesting like USUAL!

4 Responses to Eli Manning and Giants Continue Descent By Losing Against The Bengals

  • Dr. Don says:

    Kevin Gilbride should be fired! He has gotten away with the bad calling cause the team has won 2 championships but it wasn’t cause of him. he stinks.

  • Arlene says:

    How many Giants fans can honestly say they did not expect something like this. same story every season, it works out some times and other times they just completely bottom out. Tired of it.

  • Bernie 718 says:

    Don’t get angry Giants fans but big blue is done! They will lose 2 weeks from now against Green Bay by the time the Cowboys and Giants will have the same record and only 1 team from the NFC East will get in, not the Giants.

  • John F says:

    It is almost more than I can stomach. And now we have to mull this over for 2 weeks and see where the Giants are on the other side of the bye. I was hoping to see the Giants team that dominated Carolina a few weeks ago, go in and have a similar game against the Bengals. That Carolina game feels like a few years ago now. I really don’t know how the Giants come out and play such a horrible game as that. And to add insult to injury, the Cowboys have life again and that is all we will hear about.

    I know I am ‘preaching to the choir’ on this topic but what bothers me the most is, teams have learned from other teams and are playing the Giants more effectively. The Giants coaching staff continues to fail to make adjustments. I saw a lot of dropped and fumbled balls, which you can’t blame on the play callers, but the coaching staff is not doing their part and preparing a good game plan.

    Dallas plays Cleveland next week at home. Most likely that will put them one game behind the Giants. Then the following week the Giants play Green Bay and the Cowboys play Washington at home. We can all see where this is heading…. Like I said, makes me sick to my stomach….

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