To Diehl or Not to Diehl is the Question for the New York Giants

David Diehl NY GiantsIt looks like David Diehl will start week 9 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It remains to be seen if this will be a short term move especially when taking into account the solid play of Sean Locklear for the New York Giants.

Diehl has been a ROCK since drafted in 2003. As a rookie he started all 16 of his games and has been more than reliable for almost 10 years. This season however has been a difficult one for the veteran.

He suffered a sprained MCL the second week of the season which has hindered him. Many fans on Twitter and football boards are leaning towards Locklear as the starter. Sean has not allowed a sack in 307 snaps as a pass blocker, compare that to Diehl who allowed 2 sacks in only 44 snaps.

Offensive Line Coach Pat Flaherty informed Locklear of the decision but made it clear it was not based on his performance. He complimented Sean on his play, Locklear shared some of the conversation he had with Flaherty.

He said, 'You're not being benched because of your play,You’ve been playing good; you’ve done everything we’ve asked. It’s just the guy can’t lose his job from minor injury.

Father time catches up with everyone and so do injuries and the grind of a long NFL career. With that said I believe David Diehl has earned the right to get another chance! He has been an important piece for the Giants in both Super Bowl Championships and deserves an opportunity to display what he has left.

If he does not perform adequately then a change should be made, it's part of the cycle in the NFL and I am sure David Diehl understands that.

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  • Lyle 76 says:

    Diehl has earned his chance to start and kudos to Pat Flaherty for being honest with Locklear. A player should not lose his job due an injury. Agree with author is he does not continue to perform than he needs to be benched but another shot is warranted.

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