Can The NY Giants Beat The Pittsburgh Steelers Week 9

Pittsburgh Steelers vs NY Giants Week 9The Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) travel to the Big Apple to take on the New York Giants (6-2) week 9 of this 2012 NFL season.

The Giants come off a tough game week 8 versus the Cowboys and now face a tougher opponent this Sunday 11/4, kickoff set for 4:25pm.

There are some areas of concern for the GMEN, here are some stats to analyze.

Comparing Offenses Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers

New York Giants

Overall Offense Ranking



Passing Rankings



Total Passing Yards



Average Yards Per Pass



Rushing Rankings



Total Rushing Yards






The Giants have the better offense scoring on average 29.2 points per game as compared to the Steelers who score 23.9 points per game. As you can see Pittsburgh is no slouch when it comes to scoring. They just put up 27 points against the Washington Redskins, this while playing with their 3rd string and 4th string (backup) RB's.

New York can be a very explosive offense but they are horrendous in the red zone. Jason Pierre-Paul scored as many touchdowns as the offense week 8 against the Cowboys. This needs to change pronto!

Comparing the Defenses Steelers vs Giants Week 9

Pittsburgh Steelers

New York Giants

Overall Defense Ranking



Passing Defense Ranking



Total Passing Yards Allowed



Average Pass



Rushing Defense Ranking



Total Rushing Yards Allowed






Statistically there are huge differences when it comes to defense. The Steelers are the 2nd best team overall in the NFL allowing 20.6 points per game and 274.1 total yards on average to opposing offenses. Big Blue actually has allowed less points with a 20.1 total average but they give up a ton of yards. Opposing offenses average 386.5 yards per game. The total average points allowed is a bit misleading, they include the San Francisco game week 6 where the 49ers only scored 3 points and the Panthers who scored only 7 points week 3.

Don't get me wrong the Giants deserve credit for playing very well those 2 weeks allowing only 10 points combined but they just are not that consistent on defense. Every other team has scored at least 19 points, this includes the Tampa Bay Bucs who scored 34 on the GMEN and the Cleveland Browns who totaled 27 points.

It all depends on which defense shows up for the New York Giants week 9. The defensive line has been playing much better the last 3 or 4 weeks. They have been pressuring opposing quarterbacks and wreaking havoc causing turnovers. The secondary however is worrisome, they allow huge plays. Corey Webster has not played to his usual high level and opposing teams have been picking on him. Antrel Rolle's injury will be a huge factor in this game.

Conclusion - Prediction for Week 9

This is a tough one for me, I believe in the New York Giants. I have said it before when they commit to playing disciplined football on both sides of the field there isn't a team who can beat them. But the defensive and red zone lapses worry me.

The Steelers defense is tough, hard hitting and they just keep coming. Will the normally potent Giants offense be good enough to beat one of the best defenses in football? That's the million dollar question! Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride needs to be more creative and open up or else this could be a long Sunday afternoon.

I can't bet against my Giants, I believe they will show up against the Steelers and play motivated football. New York always steps it up a level when they face tougher competition, I have the New York Giants in a tight and brusing game over the Pittsburgh Steelers week 9.

9 Responses to Can The NY Giants Beat The Pittsburgh Steelers Week 9

  • Kaz says:

    The point you made about it coming down to basically the Giants offense against a top defense is valid. They have yet to face a great hard hitting defense like this, the 49ers are a very good defensive team but I think the Steelers are way better. This should tell us a lot about New York.

  • Barry R says:

    Excited about tomorrows game, should be a a great one. The Giants will win and go to 7-2 while the Cowboys lose against the Falcons. BIG BLUE!

  • Cliff says:

    Over confidence is the down fall of most teams, Giants fans seem to think this is going to be a walk in the park. Don’t you people know who you playing? You better find out!

  • hp says:

    Either way, win or lose the Giants players will be limping off the field on their way to the sauna. Two very physical teams.
    I don’t think it will be Pitt’s defense as much as the offense this weekend.
    With their new tactics and all that talent, speed and power they should be scoring 40 points every game.

  • Manuel says:

    dont think the giants have what it takes to beat the steelers. the record for giants may be better but the steelers defense is the best they will face even without Troy. dont even think about comparing the 49′ers defense to ours. i see u maiking fun of Big Ben, we will see who is lol after the game sunday, it will be a slaughter.

  • Andrew says:

    Okay, Okay, very good point made on the trouble the Giants have had in the red zone. Obtaining field goals rather than a touchdown is HUGE, and it showed with the Dallas game as they were able to catch the lead. Tom Coughlin has acknowledged this and will work to better the success the ofeense has in the red zone. Yes the Steelers defense is wicked and hard hitting, but to think it would be “lucky” or a “surprise” for Bradshaw to rush for 50 yards as the other comment stated? I’d have to disagree, Bradshaw is a work horse always fighting for that extra yard, I just don’t see him limited to only seeing half of the field (50 yards). I think a huge part of the Steelers defense is Troy Polamalu, in my opinion one of the best safties in the game. But, hes not playing this game… ITS ELI MANNING, I think you are going to see some bombs to Cruz at all the right times. Result? Giants over the Steelers with a nice clutch team win as always, Eli in the fourth. (Don’t have to mention our D-Line becoming more and more healthier as the weeks go on).

  • Dan The Joker says:

    If the Giants don’t shoot themselves in the foot it should be a win not even a close one. The Giants are the better team, I admit the Steelers defense is good but they haven’t played a talented teak like the Giants this season. GMEN by 10.

  • Quentin says:

    Wishful thinking their Giants blogger. I know you have no choice but to act confident but deep down inside you know the Giants are going to get owned. The stats you included display the superiority, Cruz (joke) and Nicks aren’t going to do much in this game and forget about your so called rushing attack. If Bradshaw gets 50 yards in this game I would be surprised.

  • FootballCrazy says:

    This game absolutely makes me uneasy. The Steelers looked as if they weren’t going to be that good but the last couple of weeks they have resembled the teams of the past. Valid point made about the red zone and what you called lapses on defense, they can ill afford that this sunday.

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