Steve Weatherford Tweets During Hurricane Sandy A Bit Insensitive

Steve Weatherford Tweets During SandyI like NY Giants punter Steve Weatherford but just found some of his tweets odd and a bit insensitive during Hurricane Sandy.

While most in New York were using their 140 characters on Twitter to wish everyone well or to provide updates on news Weatherford was happy go lucky! His tweets included the Goofy hat pic, his blue suede shoes, his suit and several others.

The disparity of his tweets in comparison to the ones above and below him caught my attention. Made me realize how disconnected some of us can be at times. The tweets came around 10:45pm to right after 11pm.

Steve Weatherford Tweets Durring Hurricane Sandy


In all fairness the photo of him coaching pee wee soccer was nice but the tweet directly above him expressed what was going on in New York City for regular folks.


Transformer just exploded! Weatherford "hey look at my blue suede shoes"!


Three fun pics in a row here including the Goofy photo used for the post. It would be too long to include the above and below tweets which related to the damage currently being done to peoples homes and to the city where he plays in.

There were a few more tweets but I don't want to beat a dead horse. CNN had reported 10 deaths including a man killed in Queens, New York by a fallen tree.

Again, I like Steve Weatherford a whole lot, he is a very valuable player for the New York Giants. He seems like a great guy and I definitely do not want to villainize him. We are all guilty of being disconnected and sometimes maybe a bit insensitive to our surroundings. That includes me and probably any person reading this post. It just caught my attention and made me look at myself and think how many times I have neglected to be a bit more sensitive.

Steve Weatherford I'm sure cares about the city he plays for and the fans which reside within the city but in this era of social media and sharing sometimes the most innocent actions can be delivered at the most inopportune times.

15 Responses to Steve Weatherford Tweets During Hurricane Sandy A Bit Insensitive

  • Unger says:

    What a douche!

  • Cinthia H says:

    Steve Weatherford’s tweets aren’t criminal nor is the article suggesting that. The tweets are tasteless and as a few have mentioned the timing is atrocious. It does make him seem very detached and a bit dumb.

  • Thomas Briggs says:

    I’m siding with the majority here. No reason to tweet those things during sch an event when you factor in his fans and where they live. Insensitive may not be the word I would use, more like stupid or dumb.

  • ilana says:

    His tweets were inconsiderate towards the people who support the team he plays for. A huge hurricane is passing through killing people, damaging property, destroying lives and this guy wants to talk about his hat. What a silly man.

  • Patrick Votha says:

    Didn’t find his tweets or thoughts in such a horrible moment suitable. They weren’t appalling tweets but definitely not fitting to the situation many of us were going through. Was it rally that important to tell us how great his life is while some of his fans and North Easterners are going through a low point in their lives? I would think not.

  • Tammy Middleton says:

    Also feel it was inappropriate specifically since he plays for the New York team. His fans and just human beings in general are going through a terrible time and he feels it’s necessary to show pictures of his hats, shoes and suits. Thousands lost everything they owned including their homes.

  • Gelya Daumer says:

    I see a player who seems a bit oblivious to what is happening in his city but without any mal-intent. I see a writer who reflects on his own neglect and compares what does seem to be an odd set of tweets during a bad time.

    Neither is wrong, in America we have freedom of speech. Weatherford has the right to be inadequate on his timing and the writer has the right to have an opinion on it. I love AMERICA and my New York Giants!

  • FootballCrazy says:

    There will be people on both sides, I find it tasteless. If he didn’t play for the city or area where it was happening maybe but I saw a few other tweets of his which showed even more disconnect than this. A lot of his fans like me have sustained damaged to our homes, I could care less about his blue suede shoes.

  • Wolf says:

    Is there a law that says, during times of crisis we must be politicaly correct and must outwardly show the compassion we feel inside? Are we now obligated to show sometype of emotion for public consumption like alot of news people and tv commentators and politicians. People react to crisis in different ways, some overreact, some show no reaction, some deal with it by ignoring it. Personaly, I like the fact he was keeping things normal in midst of all the chaos. Ive been in a major earthquake, LA’s riots, a south east hurricane and Ive been in hot spots all over the world. You do what you can for who you can but life goes on.

  • John says:

    That feeling when the Giants organization won’t even have to defend or chastise Weatherford since its not that serious. But its a slow news day and you gotta generate traffic for the site.

    Go GMEN!!

    • ilana says:

      Wondering if you even took the time to read the post, don’t think Carlos was trying to imply the organization needed to do anything. You don’t have to agree but aren’t you a bit old to be using the “that feeling” line? If he is looking for traffic then you are definitely looking for attention just look at the profile pic you have.

  • Lynet says:

    Maybe Steve didn’t watch the news, maybe he didn’t see the torrential downpours, maybe he didn’t hear the howling winds or maybe he just lives in MARS!

  • Mr. Gerald says:

    Disappointed in Steve Weatherford’s lack of community here. Noticed many players were wishing people well, others weren’t even on. Almost seemed as if he lived in another world, his fans in the tri-state area are being beat up by a hurricane and he is oblivious to it? I would have expected better from him.

  • Randall says:

    Weatherford isn’t one of these jerk athletes, he has nice tweets but I do see this as a bit out of touch with reality. Glad you made the point that he isn’t a bad guy cause he truly is not just a kid at heart. By the way I enjoy your writing on the political blog, realized it was the same person by sheer luck. You should link them both.

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