Dez Bryant Meet Karma! Probably The Hand He Hit His Mother With!

Dez Bryant Hand Hit Mom With Week 8 GiantsDez Bryant missed a game winning touchdown week 8 against the New York Giants by a hand! He may have just met Karma, who is said to be a B*TCH. That's probably the hand he used to hit his mom with. Unfortunately for the Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant will continue to check in with Karma in the future!

6 Responses to Dez Bryant Meet Karma! Probably The Hand He Hit His Mother With!

  • Cesar NJ says:

    Dez Bryant is never going to out live the fact he dared to hit his mother. Nothing but a thug on the field and also off the field.

  • V.K. says:

    Cannot stand Giants fans and New Yorkers in general with their dumb humor. You only wish you could have such a gifted athlete on your lucky a$$ team.

  • Cowboys Rock says:

    I have been coming to your blog for about 3 years and all you do is hate on the Cowboys. Get a life, Dez Bryan would be the number one starter on your team right now. Cruz and Nicks couldn’t carry Bryants jock strap or maybe they would like to. This is low even for this site, to talk about someones momma like that.

    • Lynet says:

      Can’t take a joke? Bryant did in fact hit his momma so it’s ok for someone to say it. By the way I disagree, Cruz and Nicks can carry Bryant’s jock strap. You see a jock strap weight about 12 oz, a grown human being can easily carry up to 1/3 their own weight :-)

  • Van Withers says:

    This is wrong in so many levels but I still cannot stop laughing. Dez lends himself for that with his actions on and off the field.

  • 86champs says:

    This belongs on one of those Master Card commercials where they end it with “PRICELESS”.

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