NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Week 8 Preview

NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Week 8The New York Giants (5-2) and Dallas Cowboys (3-3) meet week 8 of this 2012 season for an NFC East showdown.

New York comes into this game in sole possession of first place and with an opportunity to really hurt the Cowboys. A win would be the GMEN's second divisional win but it would also put Dallas in an early bad position in the standings.

These divisional games are never easy though and as Giants fans know Big Blue tends to make most games interesting. Lets analyze the stats.

Comparing the Offenses NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Overall Offense Ranking



Passing Rankings



Total Passing Yards



Average Yards Per Pass



Rushing Rankings



Total Rushing Yards






The NY Giants have played one more game than Dallas so the totals will be a bit skewed. We can still go by the averages and factor in injuries and recent performances.

When it comes to their passing games both teams possess explosive aerial attacks. 401 yards separate the Cowboys from the GMEN, on any given Sunday Romo is very capable of throwing for 400 yards. WR Hakeem Nicks has been slowly coming back from injury and should be better on game day. I would give a slight edge to the Giants on passing factoring in Eli Manning. Sure he is good for one clunker of a pass in every game but he almost always makes up for it in crunch time. The Giants have Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Domenik Hixon and TE Matellus Bennett who should have a chip on his shoulder playing against his former team.

When it comes to rushing surprisingly enough the New York Giants would get the advantage. At the beginning of the season I'm sure most would have thought the Cowboys would be the better rushing team. But coming into week 8 there is some uncertainty with their rushers especially with an injury to DeMarco Murray. The Giants on the other hand have leaped from 23rd a few weeks ago to 12th overall in the NFL. The team is healthy and even has Andre brown back ready to help Ahmad Bradshaw in the run game.

Taking both passing and rushing into account the edge goes to the New York Giants on offense.

Comparing Defenses New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Overall Defense Ranking



Passing Defense Ranking



Total Passing Yards Allowed



Average Pass



Rushing Defense Ranking



Total Rushing Yards Allowed






The Dallas Cowboys have a clear edge statistically on defense. Again take into account that they have played one game less than the Giants so the totals would favor them here. New York's pass rush has come back to live the last 2 games, recording 9 sacks combined. This will impact the game especially since Tony Romo can be flustered when pressured.

Romo however is a pretty mobile QB who always plays his best when facing the Giants. He puts up great numbers against the NY defense but tends to make mistakes which come back to cost the Cowboys. The Giants run defense isn't as strong as they would like but they have faced the 3 best running QB's in the game today in Newton, Vick and RG3. So they faced the team RB's and also those 3 running QB's within the same game which is not an easy task. I would say statistically, advantage Dallas Cowboys.

Conclusion- Prediction Week 8

NY Giants fans are a realistic bunch, we know the GMEN are capable of being the best team in the NFL. With that said we also know they make most games close due to mental mistakes. They seem to be on slow cruise control in the first half and then turn it up in the second half of games. The Cowboys are a good team despite their 3-3 record but they aren't a great team. Dallas has flaws and I don't think their defense is as good as the stats depict. If Big Blue can limit their mistakes and pressure Tony Romo it will be a relatively easy win. If they make mistakes it will be a tight grind but the New York Giants should still be able to beat the Dallas Cowboys week 8.

11 Responses to NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Week 8 Preview

  • Solis says:

    Enjoy your blog cause you call it from a fans point of view and get lots right. You were right if the Giants played mistake free it wouldn’t be close, it was the case the first quarter and a half. Then they started making mistakes and got caught up. We got away with one but regardless they won in a grinder, good analysis.

  • Molly Erickson says:

    What do you Giants fans see that would lead you to think you can beat the Cowboys? We may blow you guys out, New York is overrated as a team and as a city.

  • Hamilton W. says:

    The Cowboys once again got alot of hype before the season as the team to beat not only in the NFC but as the best team in the NFL by ESPN analysts. All that hype for nothing cause they are 3-3, Romo is another guy who gets alot of attention but never does anything. Agree with writer the Giants will win, this isn’t week 1 so Cowboys fans harping on it need to get real.

  • Bo Johnson says:

    Keep sleeping on Tony Romo Giants fans. None of you will admit it but he is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. I know Eli has won two Super Bowl but two things to think about. He made a couple of lucky throws and his defense came up big both times. The stats don’t lie, Romo is better than Manning in every important category. Eli is a turnover machine, he is just very lucky. Cowboys will win this game like they did week 1 and go on a winning streak on the wa to a Super Bowl win.

  • Frank Urman says:

    Fact is the Cowboys have not faced this version of the Giants or another team like them. Week 1 was just that week 1, no one was on the same page and the team was still working out the kinks of offense and defense. The Giants will be ready to play and Romo will be hitting the ground often which means he will also make mistakes. Giants by 10 points over the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Lynet says:

    Our Giants are 2 points favorites even on the road. Eli Manning is going to expose that secondary week 8 is a whole different ball game like the previous poster said. Can’t wait to 4:15pm Sunday Big Blue Love.

  • Andrew says:

    The Giants are on the rise right now getting even more healthier on the D-line. Week 1 and Week 8 are going to be two completely different games. To the person above, to think that the Giants will only put up 13 points is insane, even against the toughest defenses in the league. It’s understood that the Cowboys had spent their whole off-season just preparing to compete with the Giants, but now, the Giants have studied and analyzed Week 1 already. Week 8 will be different, the Giants aren’t going to come at the Cowboys with exactly the same game plan used in Week 1 which led to their loss.

    • 86champs says:

      Andrew what do you expect from a Cowboys fan. When was the last time the Giants were held to 13 points in a game? Big D is obviously just a troll trying to talk crap on a Giants site. Good points on it being a different week, Gmen will win this handily.

  • Charles W. says:

    Giants will win, the stats like you mentioned are going to be off due to games played. They also don’t tell you how good the defense has played like you mentioned when you spoke about the d-line. Romo will throw an interception at some critical moment in the game or get injured after JPP hits him. Gmen are 4 real.

  • Big D Vern says:

    Advantage Giants? Are you insane? The Cowboys are going to own the Giants just like they did week 1. Your offense is good but Eli throws a lot of interceptions and our corners are the best in the NFL. Eli will 3 int’s and wil have at least 1 forced fumble. Dallas will win by 13-17 points.

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