RG3 Played Well But Took A Beating Against NY Giants in Loss Week 7

RG3 Robert Griffin vs NY Giants JPPWashing Redskins QB Robert Griffing III (RG3) played a good game versus the New York Giants but took a beating along the way week 7.

Despite RG3 putting the Redskins in a position to win they lose 27-23. Eli Manning took the spotlight once again in the 4th quarter and proved why he is the most clutch QB in the NFL.

Griffin completed 20 of 28 passes, threw for 2 touchdowns and rushed for 89 yards. At times he looked unstoppable.

I think a play that will linger in the minds of Giants fans and players will be that 4th quarter scramble on a 4th and 10 where RG3 evades 3 Giants defenders and finds #82 TE Logan Paulsen for a first down. There were 2 minutes and 7 seconds left, a stop by the Giants would have practically ended the game. Instead he prolongs the drive, on the next play runs and picks up a ton of yards which sets up a perfect 30 yard TD pass to Santana Moss. It was an impressive drive, you just had a feeling this kid would come through with something magical at the end. He delivered but left too much time for Eli Manning who one up'd him.

Not All Good for RG3 Against the NY Giants Defense

As impressive as Robert Griffin was, he also made some mistakes and took some hard hits  by the likes of Jason Pierre Paul (JPP), Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora who all recorded a sack. The Giants defense played admirably despite allowing over 200 yards rushing. They forced 5 fumbles (3 recovered), 2 of those fumbles were by Robert Griffin who also threw an interception. New York virtually doubled the Redskins season total for turnovers in just one game.

Even when RG3 wasn't getting sacked he was taking hard hits and being pressured. The JPP sack was telling, in college Griffin would have probably escaped or juked his way out of that but a player like Jason Pierre-Paul who posses freakish speed and athleticism (for his size) was able to track him down. The speed and strength of NFL players is on another level, I think Robert Griffin III was taken back a bit when faced with one of the best defensive lines in football. If you disagree just take a look at some of the turnovers, he makes few mistakes yet made several in this game. Even the hand offs weren't crisp or his play action. RG3 looked a little hesitant at times anticipating the pressure.

In my opinion the New York Giants will have their hands full for years to come with Robert Griffin III. Unlike most mobile QB's he can actually throw the ball with accuracy and has a good arm. RG3 is only going to get better, I personally think he is the best from the current rookie and sophomore class including Cam Newton. RG3 is just as talented (if not more), he is definitely more mature than Cam Newton and possess the qualities of a leader.

6 Responses to RG3 Played Well But Took A Beating Against NY Giants in Loss Week 7

  • Todd says:

    Good article I think RG3 will be the best quarterback in the nfl within the next 4 years. I’m a Redskins fan but live in the real world. He is athletic, accurate, fast and intelligent. I would not put him in Eli Mannings class as of now but he will be just as good if not better in the near future. Good win Giants fans but we will be back.

  • Joseph says:

    Bob Griffin did take a lot of hits even after the play. There were a couple where even the announcers were commenting on how dangerous those hits can be in the long run. Wont disagree with the potential of how good he can be but if he continues to play like this his career will be short lived.

  • Wilson says:

    Bob Griffin didn’t know what hit him in this game. He did well running the ball but the ultimately the Giants owned him and the Skins. We dont know how good he will be so not ready to say the future is bright for the skins and that we will have our hands full. Sophomore jinx has gotten many highly touted players to regress ala Vince Young and even Cam Newton.

  • Verdino says:

    Dont agree that Robert Griffin 3rd was rattled at all. He made mistakes that usually he doesnt make but it was probably just an off day as opposed to the Giants pressuring him. You can clearly see RG3 is an amazing Quarterback. I dont think anyone would disagree with me when i say right now I would take him over Eli Manning.

  • Preston Lassonde says:

    Very impressed with Bob Griffin, he can now be called RG3.

  • Joseph says:

    The points made about Cam Newton versus Robert Griffin are good ones. I would take RG3 over Newton as well. Cam is all about himself not the team. But overall I would always take Eli Manning!

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