Eli Manning to Victor Cruz Game Winning TD vs Redskins

Eli Manning to Victor Cruz TD RedskinsVideo: Eli Manning to Victor Cruz game winning touchdown against the Washington Redskins during week 7.

Another tough game between these two NFC East rivals which came down to the wire.

Eli Manning did not have a great game but he certainly made up for his mistakes with this perfect throw to Mr. Clutch himself WR Victor Cruz. Here is the play.

Victor Cruz 77 Yard Game Winning TD Catch Against Redskins

Is there any doubt that Victor Cruz is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL? Many were saying he was a one year wonder, now they are left wondering why their team didn't draft this talented wideout.

16 Responses to Eli Manning to Victor Cruz Game Winning TD vs Redskins

  • Zoraida NY says:

    This will never get old, Eli Manning to Victor Cruz may become the most prolific duo the Giants have ever had.

  • Tonya says:

    Expecting this connection at least 2 times on Sunday against the Cowboys. I have both Manning and Cruz on my fantasy team :-)

  • Gabriel R says:

    If they can keep this tandem plus Nicks for the next 5-7 years they will break all kinds of records and win at least 2 more Super Bowls. The Giants are stacked on offense.

  • Daron says:

    Instant classic for Eli’s career highlight reel. We are never out of it as long as he is QB. A division win was needed now lets get ‘em Cowboys next week.

  • Collin Reardon says:

    Victor Cruz was a steal. I watched him play at UMASS and you could tell he was special it was just a matter of who would recognize it. Giants have themselves a great player but also a good person.

  • Mikos says:

    I thought it was done, the game was over and then Eli to Cruz a Giants fan dream come true. That game had me upset, happy, pissed off and back to happy. Great win for the g-men.

  • Ed G. says:

    Perfection, all that needs to be said.

  • Adam says:

    Giants are going all the way again, this team just finds a way to be in the mix. Cruz makes his mistakes as well as Manning but when crunch time comes they are both closers.

  • William Jacobson says:

    Always thought of Hakeem Nicks as our best wide receiver but I think thats changed. Cruz is reliable and clutch. Nicks is very good as well but gets hurt a lot. That was a perfect throw from Eli and a great run after the catch from Victor Cruz.

  • Renny says:

    Eli Manning has ice water running thru his veins instead of blood. Like Stephen A Smith would say he is a bad bad bad man.

  • Gavin K says:

    Could watch this score all day long. That throw was on the money, Victor Cruz didn’t even have to break stride. Redskins receivers falling left and right as he goes in for the score and leaves everyone in the dust. You can’t spell Elite without Eli or Victory without Victor!

  • Porter says:

    I wasn’t worried one bit, knew Eli would come up with a game winning drive. I just had that feeling, guess it’s cause he does it time after time again.

  • Rocco says:

    Eli Manning is not human, while Victor Cruz gets all the credit for scoring the touchdown Eli just stays in the shadows making picture perfect throws. I know he had a couple of interceptions but when the time comes to win the game Eli does not make mistakes.

  • Norman Bowe says:

    Sick pass by Eli Manning and catch by Victor Cruz. Why people still doubt Cruz is puzzling. He is the real deal.

  • Ernest says:

    Victor Cruz will be a hall of famer when it is all said and done, you can see it already. He is the best slot receiver in the game. Reminds of of a nicer version of Panthers Steve Smith. Not a big wide receiver but a power house with good hands and explosiveness.

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