New York Front 4 Playing More Like Smurfs Than Giants – No Pass Rush

NY Giants Pass Rush Front 4The New York Giants won week 5 against the Cleveland Browns 41-27.

An impressive win? Well a win is a win lets just say that. Glaringly missing in action is the once feared front 4 and their pass rush. The Giants currently rank 24th overall in the NFL with 8 measly sacks. As an overall defense they rank 21st and their rush defense ranking is currently 16th.

Last season the front 4 had a span where they disappeared but injuries had a lot to do with that. This season there really isn't any excuse. Many analysts and so called experts ranked the GMEN as the most feared front four in the NFL before the season began.

Reality and perception are different things as the cliche goes cause the Giants are playing like smurfs on the defensive line. Last season former Giants great Michael Strahan called them out and said they needed to man up. They did just in the nick of time and helped Big Blue win a Super Bowl. Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Mathias Kiwanuka are just to talented to be playing this bad.

In week 5 they totaled ZERO sacks! They were playing the Browns! If you can't get a sack against that team you are going to be in trouble. The yearly total as previously mentioned is 8 sacks, that's a total which in previous years could be acquired in one game.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles they over pursued and displayed a lack of discipline which should only be present in rookies. Osi several times rushed in tightly instead of protecting the out side to maintain containment. Jason Pierre-Paul also experienced the same issues. It happened all throughout the game and there was no adjustment. Vick and McCoy just kept luring them in and bouncing to the outside. Oh, and what ever happened to that guy Justin Tuck?

The schedule for this 2012 season starts getting a bit more difficult  week 6 has the GMEN playing the San Francisco 49ers. Alex Smith is very capable especially if he has all day to throw. If San Fran sees an eager, undisciplined front 4 they will just run it right past them with Frank Gore and the number one rushing offense in football. The Giants need to show up and play tough, disciplined defense and make so that the only thing they have in common with the smurfs is the color blue!

4 Responses to New York Front 4 Playing More Like Smurfs Than Giants – No Pass Rush

  • Patrick G. says:

    the giants are gonna be fine, perry fewell will have them playing harder when the competition gets tougher. 49ers are gonna be owned.

  • Louis says:

    Funny article, the smurf remark makes sense on the blue color side and also the small way they are coming thru for fans. The line looks weak and lazy, only Pierre-Paul gives one hundred percent out there.

  • NYC Boss says:

    Gmen are playing terrible at the line, they are getting pushed around and outsmarted. We seem to notice the same things during the Eagles game. Good points about getting set up by Vick and Lesean. They need to smarten up and also play harder.

  • Sammy says:

    Tuck is the man, JPP and Osi wouldn’t be able to do jack without Tuck.

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