Rex Ryan The Clown Should Be Fired! Are His Days Numbered as NY Jets Head Coach?

Rex Ryan Fired New York JetsLets face it Rex Ryan is nothing more than a loud mouth clown and as I have stated before his team has been diminished to a traveling circus. Should Ryan be fired?

Today's 34-0 loss against the San Francisco 49ers may be the beginning of the end for Rex as a head coach in the NFL.

If the Jets fail to make the playoffs it would be foolish for the organization to keep him as their coach. Then again this is the Jets we are talking about and making dumb decisions seems to be the norm for them. Gang Green is on the decline, they have peaked under Ryan and did not accomplish the ultimate goal of winning a Championship.

Rex is a good defensive coordinator but the head coaching job has been to large a responsibility for him to handle. Making himself the center of attention in order to grab the back pages of the papers in New York is not something seasoned, veteran and professional head coaches do in the NFL. The good ones actually coach and worry very little about headlines.

I can't emphasize this enough, in the Big Apple the media loves to build you up but they also enjoy taking you down when the time comes. In December of 2011 I wrote an article titled Rex Ryan The NFL Clown in which I expressed that same sentiment. Rex has been setting himself up for failure in NYC from the beginning. His antics were funny for a while but when such a talented team starts losing and looking pathetic on the field the fun stops!

Bigger Issues for Rex Ryan The Clown In The Future

Rex Ryan has failed to see the big picture and may have hindered his future in the NFL for ever. I am sure other teams will want him as a coach in their staff, as previously stated he is a good defensive coordinator. With that being said will an organization want a brash, cocky loud mouth to be the face of their team? Will another organization ever give this guy a chance as a head coach if he completely bottoms out in New York?

Head coaching positions (insert corny cliche) do not grow on trees, and when one does become available there are eager, serious and professional candidates out there ready to fill them. Ryan may have allowed his fake confidence (more like low self esteem) to get in the way of his coaching. He bragged, promised Super Bowls, offended the Giants and other teams in the NFL, put pressure on his players and made everything into a joke. Ultimately what does he have to show for all his cockiness? Absolutely nothing!

The chances he gets fired during the season are very low but this current Jets team doesn't look like they have enough to make a playoff run. Forget about the playoffs, this team isn't winning a Super Bowl under Rex Ryan and for that reason alone he should get FIRED!

8 Responses to Rex Ryan The Clown Should Be Fired! Are His Days Numbered as NY Jets Head Coach?

  • Marty T says:

    Rex reminds me of Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. Only thing is that I could take that character more than Ryan.

  • Tommy says:

    Jets need to bring in Bill Cowher or someone of that caliber not some over glorified assistant. Both Rex and his brother are just like their dad Buddy, alot of mouth and very little coaching expertise. All 3 lack sportsmanship, class but they all possess idiot in them.

  • Tai says:

    Article had me laughing hard, i also cannot stand Ryan. If only he ran as much as his mouth maybe he wouldnt be so fat.

  • Harold Dunn says:

    Biggest clown in football without a doubt. Cant recall the last time a coach could out clown the players. in the past we had Owens, PacMan and a buncho of other idiots but since Ryan has come to the nfl he is the king clown.

  • Patriot says:

    Glad my Patriots have a real coach in the hoodie. I would be such an unhappy fan with a clown like Rex Ryan as the head coach of our team. Dont even want him as an asisstant on our staff.

  • Samuel J. says:

    I’m a Jets fan but unlike most fellow fans I have never liked Rex. I am in agreement with this article, the Jets are too talented to lose this way. I think Ryan has lost the team, they have phased him out mentally.

  • Lazaro says:

    Rex is under the impression that the more bull you talk the better his team will play. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

  • Paul-Andre says:

    I wonder whats left in his contract, the Jets are cheap if he has more than one year left they probably won’t fire Rex Ryan. In my opinion he is to blame for their current state.

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