Karma: Green Bay Packers Robbed By Refs Vs Seattle Seahawks MNF – Video

Packers Robbed By Refs vs Seattle Seahawks MNFIs it Karma? The Green Bay Packers are robbed by the replacement refs versus the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The play came on a Hail Mary throw from QB Russell Wilson to WR Golden Tate.

Was it a horrible call by the replacement referees? YES! There is no doubt this was one of the worst calls in recent history, the tuck rule comes to mind as another. As a Giants fan who watched the Green Bay Packers get call after call during a regular season game, I have to wonder if this is Karma.

I get no satisfaction from it, as the video below shows Jennings clearly caught what seemed to be an INT. To add insult to injury Tate had just pushed #37 Sam Shields to the ground in order to get better position. That should have been offensive pass interference.

Video: Hail Mary Pass Seattle Seahawks Vs Green Bay Packers MNF


Karma Referees Helped Green Bay Packers in Week 13 Versus The NY Giants

I wrote an article last season after week 13 when the Packers were the beneficiaries of a bunch of calls from real NFL referees. The article: Evidence the Refs helped Packers Beat The Giants clearly showed how biased refs were. That article received thousands of hits including 1,300+ Facebook shares which is quite a bit for a small blog/site like mine. Fans were upset and amazed how one side a game could go.

But it just did not stop there, Green Bay seemed protected by regular NFL referees last season regardless who they played. It's almost as if the NFL was going to make sure the Packers were in the Super Bowl.

Again there is no satisfaction from a fans perspective watching a game end on a bad call but Giants fans lived through it last season on several occasions.

Real NFL referees must have been sitting and laughing as they watched the end of this Monday Night Football game. Talk about getting the upper hand or leverage, if this doesn't light a fire under Roger Goodell, nothing will.

It's a horrible loss for the Packers but it should not be an excuse or a lingering issue. The New York Giants didn't allow the game against Green Bay to stop them from winning a Super Bowl.

26 Responses to Karma: Green Bay Packers Robbed By Refs Vs Seattle Seahawks MNF – Video

  • Pat Kellman says:

    Talking about karma? Giants fans have some nerve, they win a lucky super bowl and now they want act as if they know the game. Get off your high horse, this was a stolen game and may cost the most historic franchise in football a chance at the playoffs.

  • Angie says:

    The real NFL refs are back, careful what you wish for.

  • Heath M says:

    Spot on article cause new york fans dealt with this in 2011 many times. its understandable for packers fans to be mad but it isnt the end of the season. the game shouldnt have been as close as it was.

  • A. Campbell says:

    Cheese Head are you crazy or something? It was a bad call but the worst ever? Several people including the article states the Tuck rule game with the Patriots. There are many horrendous calls, this is a bad one but not the worst. get real dude.

  • Cheese Head says:

    I think this is the worst call in football history, really hoping this didn’t cost us a SB. SO PISSED.

  • Blue Man says:

    Gotta love these Packers fans who are talking about boycotting games on twitter and online. Not arguing that it wasn’t a bad way to lose but it’s one regular season game. The Raiders missed out on going to the super bowl cause of a bad call as mentioned in the write up. The Giants should have beaten Green Bay in the regular season last year if it weren’t for robbery. Many calls, I could remember 4 right now which went against the Giants including a touchdown. So stop bitching so much and move on.

  • Ceaser says:

    Arthur you kidding? Goodell deserves some blame but a blind person could see that was an interception by Jennings. Furthermore refs reviewed it and still came back with the same call? Dont even get me started on missing the push off by Tate on Sam Shields. It’s Bullshit.

  • Arthur A. says:

    An embarrassment for the National Football League. You can’t even blame these refs, the game is way to fast for them, they aren’t trained to position themselves properly. They are doing the best that can be done taking into account the short time frame they had to prepare for the season. Blame Roger Goodell and his cronies.

  • Shane Mclee says:

    The players should really consider threatening to go on strike in order to help the refs. It’s the only way cause Goodell is a stubborn sob who only acts like he cares. The game is being destroyed by these scrubs.

  • Vance NYC says:

    On point with this article. The Gmen were robbed week 13 still remember that game clearly. There had to be like 5 really bad calls against our giants so I dont feel bad at all for the Packers. Deal with it.

  • Belardo says:

    Appreciate the video being uploaded but not the misinformation given. last season the Giants were not robbed, they were more like owned by the Rodgers. No conclusive evidence in any of those instances you point out in that old article. Ballards knee looked out to me. This game was different it was on a desperation hail mary, no comparrison.

  • Sasha says:

    So mad at Roger Goodell and the NFL in general for not having real officials refereeing this game. It’s greed and lack of consideration fr players and also us fans who pay all their salaries. Goodell is a bum.

  • Miguel says:

    Everyone is being very hard of these refs who are just regular folks, funny enough some are rejects from the lingerie league who have officiated the lingerie bowl. Others are teachers or people with regular jobs. They are allowed to make mistakes cause they are human, mistakes which are made often by NFL referees, the writer points out last seasons game as an example of all the non calls or mistakes made their by normal refs.

  • Rivera says:

    Pete Carroll and the Seahawks displayed zero class. Carroll jumping up and down like the immature little boy that he is along with his team. They should forfeit the win cause it isn’t deserved.

  • Saza says:

    Are these refs blind? It happened right in front of them and then they reviewed it which is even more disturbing.

  • The Bears says:

    So now Green Bay Packer fans wanna be cry babies about this? How about the way refs always jerk the Bears when we play the Packers? Too bad cheese heads.

  • Sam Demirchyan says:

    Packers didn’t deserve this loss and anyone trying to imply they did needs to be examined. Get over it you say? How about if we miss the playoffs by 1 game? We are true football fans, the most loyal you will ever find, we just don’t live with it, we live it.

  • Mr. Hughes says:

    Highway robbery on the Packers. How do we know these refs weren’t from Seattle? Just last week a Saints fan was going to referee that game before being pulled cause ESPN uncovered it and called the league. The NFL is losing major credibility here.

  • Brett O'Donnel says:

    What a BS call, Packers have a right to be livid after this and should file a formal complaint with the nfl. if they dont make the playoff you can pretty point to this game which demoralized the team. the giants game from last year isn’t even close to this.

  • T Basher says:

    Tough call cause they both had hands on the ball and ties go to the offensive player. Packers should have played better ad not be in such a position at the end of the game.

  • Nicole Nguyen says:

    No one who has an ounce of fairness in his/her system could possibly call this play for Seattle. It was PURE ROBBERY against Green Bay Packers. I am outraged just watching the video even though neither team is my team. I read that the replacement referees also almost gave the game away to Seattle in their matchup against the Cardinals earlier. But Arizona prevailed in what could have been another robbery awarded to Seattle. Even if Seattle did outplay Green Bay tonight, that last play that won the game for them was pure shame. The wrong team was crowned the winner tonight.

    • Charles N. says:

      Nicole well said. What a disgusting way to win a game. However I will say that the Packers did get calls benefiting them many times last year. My team was one of the victims and those were not replacement refs just Goodell and his band of fixers trying to dictate everything including wins and loses.

      • Nicole says:

        Charles, didn’t see your comment until now. Sorry to hear about your team being the victim of bad calls last year. But I believe that happens to every team in the NFL and yes, it happens even with regular referees. However, that’s not the point here. Even if the Packers were benefited from bad calls themselves in the past (and so did EVERY other NFL team) but this call was so egregious that it’s a travesty. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to rule that play was a touchdown for the Seahawks and NOT an interception by the Packers. And yet, to have the league upheld the ruling subsequently and claimed that there was no indisputable evidence in the replay is just PLAIN WRONG! Also, I agree with Rivera below that “Pete Carroll and the Seahawks displayed zero class” by jumping up and down to celebrate a SHAMEFUL win. As a head coach, one should be more dignified than to show overly displayed joy about a win that was not deserved. Yet, he went on his weekly radio show and offered no apologies and instead gloated about his team’s win. How nauseating! If he had any decency left, he would forfeit this win. Sure, his decision would be EXTREMELY POPULAR with Seahawks fans and maybe even generating death threats but a man of principles would NEVER accept a win like that. We teach our children NEVER to cheat in life and yet, this robbery happened on national television and we (Caroll and the Seahawks) celebrated it instead of condemning it? The NFL was WRONG for upholding a ROBBERY. Is that what we want to teach our children, the young people who will grow up playing sports? My local newspaper columnist wrote this in his article today: “You saw it. I saw it. The whole country saw it. A bunch of players jumped up for the ball in the end zone. Either a Green Bay player made an interception or a Seattle player committed offensive pass interference. Or both. Instead, officials ruled it a Seahawks touchdown.” I am just perplexed that the Packers did not appeal the decision with the league before their announcement. Is there anything else that could be done to correct such a travesty?

  • Kevin says:

    All giants and seahawks fans are idiots. Not sure who are more idiots u guys or the bears fans. Karma? FU with that crap, it was robbery. My luck I dont get to see the game and first site I find with the video is some giants fan site who starts hating cause they sucked last season against us. Bunch of loser new yorkers always acting like they are the best.

  • Seahawks Fan says:

    Seahawks deserved this game, they outplayed the cry baby Green Bay Packers. if they are so good why did we still have a chance to win it at the end. Our team dominated, Pack are over rated. Seahawks winning the super bowl, bet on it.

  • Barry From NYC says:

    KARMA is right, I don’t want to hear Green Bay Packers fans crying about this call all season long. Mourn and get over it just like we did. Totally agree with article, blame your protector Goodell for not working out a deal with regular refs who are paid to help you win.

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