Tom Coughlin Goes Off on Bucs Coach Greg Schiano – Video

Tom Coughlin vs Greg SchianoA little drama immediately following the NY Giants vs Tampa Bay Bucs game.

Tom Coughlin goes off on Bucs coach Greg Schiano on the field during their hand shake. Coughlin's anger was due to the bush league move by the Bucs on the last play of the game.

A simple kneel down to end the game is customary in the NFL but apparently Schiano still thinks he is coaching Rutgers in college football. He instructed his team to rush in knocking down Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. Here is the video of the encounter between head coaches.

Video Tom Coughling Angry with Greg Schiano

Points of view and opinions vary but the truth is that it was completely unnecessary to rush in that way on a kneel down. You can get a lineman hurt or even the quarterback, teams aren't expecting such aggressiveness. For those who argue that it worked once for Herm Edwards vs the Giants when he played for the Eagles, I will remind you it was a completely different play and circumstance. The formation now used for kneel downs is as a direct result of tha Herm Edwards fumble recovery.

This was just straight up Bush League by Greg Schiano and the Tampa Bay Bucs.

9 Responses to Tom Coughlin Goes Off on Bucs Coach Greg Schiano – Video

  • William says:

    Greg Schiano is a bum who was overrated as a college coach. He also sucked as a coordinator. It pays to know people in high places.

  • Stanley says:

    Kudos to the best coach in football Tom Coughlin, teach that rookie head coach how it’s done.

  • Margie says:

    I adore Tom Coughlin, I hated to see him be on the hot seat last season until the Giants got hot. The Tampa Bay coach deliberately sent out his players to try and hit Eli knowing they weren’t going to run and offensive play. Bushleague it is!

  • Dough Man says:

    Love Tom Coughlin, he is a tough old school man who is a straight shooter. You know where you stand with him and now so does Schiano, what a loser.

  • Pete Rock says:

    Coughlin has a right to be heated, that was bad sportsmanship by idiot Schiano and the loser Bucs. If I were a fan I’d be embarrassed.

  • Don W says:

    Young Buc are you insane? The Giants didn’t get a free win. They OWNED the Bucs, 600 plus yards of total offense as opposed to 300. If it werent for turnovers ur team wouldnt have even been close. What a fool, u guys got owned and the best team won, ur team was lucky to even be in it. Swiss cheese defense of urs, our wr’s owned ur defense.

  • Denyer says:

    Lol these silly Bucs fans above have no idea about football etiquette. It’s a common play as stated in the article since the Herm Edwards days. It is low class, dirty just like your coach. One of these days someone is going to do the same thing to you and watch him start crying.

  • Gregory J says:

    Nothing bushleague about that play, it’s football every team needs to play till the last snap. Coughlin is mad about his bad coaching for not having his team ready maybe. Schiano out coached him, period.

  • Young Buc says:

    Stop crying Giants fans, you were given a free win, not deserved. Ny sucks, Bucs much better.

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