Ron Jaworski Says Tom Coughlin Should Apologize to Greg Schiano

Ron Jaworski Tom Coughlin Greg SchianoESPN's Ron Jaworski went on air today and suggested that NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin should apologize to Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano for the confrontation yesterday.

I usually enjoy Jaws on ESPN but he is dead wrong in this case. Jaworski uses as the basis of his argument the Miracle at the Meadowlands in 1978 where Herm Edwards recovered a fumble on the last play of the game to score a TD and give the Eagles the win.

The problem with that scenario and yesterdays bush league call by Schiano and the Bucs is that they were completely different situations. The only similarities are that it occurred at the end of the game.

In 1978 the Giants actually ran an offensive play, they did not set up in the kneel down formation like they did yesterday vs Tampa Bay. The Giants QB at that time was Joe Pisarcik, the ball was fumbled during a handoff  to Larry Csonka, it was a huge mistake which cost the Giants the game.

On Sunday week 2 of the 2012 season it was a given that Manning would take a knee, but Bucs coach Greg Schiano must have had a lapse and forgotten he was in the NFL not at Rutgers. He instructed his defensive players to go in hard at Manning. His excuse after the game was that his teams play hard until the last snap. It's a dumb excuse or reason, how many times has such action worked in the NFL? NEVER!

It seemed more as if his ego got in the way and he instructed his players to do something to send a message to other teams and the NFL. Karma has a way of biting you in the ass and I wouldn't be surprised if a head coach somewhere is putting this in his memory bank. Former players and coaches seem divided on this, some say it's part of the game. Even former Giants LB Antonio Pierce defended Schiano's decision which I find even more ridiculous. Former coach Mike Ditka did the same.

It's easy for them to say it's OK cause they are no longer playing or coaching but I guarantee you that if they were on the field their reactions would have been different. Both Ditka and Pierce were fiery competitors and they would have been livid if another team would have disrespected them that way. Merril Hoge on ESPN seems to be one of the few who still understands how it's supposed to be played.

I for one appreciate coach Tom Coughlin standing up for his QB Eli Manning and his offensive players. A dumb season ending injury can occur especially when the Bucs defensive players were under cutting Giants lineman at the knees.  It's dangerous, irresponsible and it was a bush league call by Greg Schiano and Ron Jaworski should apologize to Tom Coughlin for even suggesting such a ridiculous thing.

11 Responses to Ron Jaworski Says Tom Coughlin Should Apologize to Greg Schiano

  • Ariane Fallenstein says:

    It’s not a big deal like alot of people and sites are making it out to be. Coughlin aired out his anger and thats it, its over. Get over it Giants fans. Schiano is here to stay and terrorize the NFL from here on in.

  • Odell W says:

    Ron J. is an ahole, he is a pompous analyst just like he was a player.

  • LAX says:

    Agree with Jaws, Tom Coughlin should apologize to Greg Schiano. Who is he to tell him what to do? He needs to worry about his team and have them prepared to play till the last snap.

  • MJ says:

    First of all, Schiano has no issue w/ the victory formation, but his defense will try to defend it anyway possible if they are still in the game (down 1 score and in Giants territory). Schiano is taking over an immature, underachieving, losers of 10 straight football team that needs a total culture shift, so this is how he gets that message across. I dont think he is going to let Tom Coughlin get in the way of his principles.

    And if we want to talk bush league…

    • Greg F says:

      MJ so the new culture he wants to create is one of losers and cheap shot artists? That formation signifies the game is over, you can hurt a player especially the way they went at the knees. If the Giants would have done that I would have been disappointed in my team for acting like idiots. Gladly we have Tom Coughlin who doesn’t worry about making statements like that.

      One last thing your YouTube video shows a Giants player in a DUMB and what I would consider bush league move as well. But I guarantee you one thing that call did not come from Tom Coughlin, thats my issue with it and I think thats the issue most fans have. Players can be immature kids but for a coach to be one is sad.

  • Samuel says:

    What do you expect from an ex Eagles player who hates the Giants. Ofcourse he is going to side with any team going against the Giants. Schiano is a fool, always has been.

  • Beverly Tubman says:

    Tom Coughlin was correct in going after Greg Schiano, he was a jerk as the Rutgers coach and will always be an arrogant person.

  • Velarde says:

    It’s a given players need to play the full 60 minutes but no one expects the other team to be tards and try to purposely knee cap you. Ron Jaworski is an idiot is he thinks Tom Coughlin is wrong. I was just watching Pardon The Interruption and Mike Wilbon made a similar statement as the writter of this article. It was a move by Schiano to make the news and feel relevant, no purpose whats so ever to do it. It’s a college move and that type of stuff only works when you are coaching boys. Wait until one of his players gets hurt due to some cheap shot another team takes on his guys.

  • Trent Davidson says:

    Bob it would be ironic, would tend to agree with the author that karma can comeback to haunt him either in a game or within the media. Jaworski is way off base with his statement.

  • Bob Van Dam says:

    If the Bucs have a lead at the end of any game while Schiano is the coach, Josh Freeman (or) whoever the QB is, had better not take a knee. If they do then Schiano was being disingenuous with his “we play hard til the last snap” and he really was actually being a poor sport.

    • Christian says:

      You can play hard and take a knee….. the offensive line just has to block like every other play. If the O-line plays the play just like every other play then no one will hit the Freeman.

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