NY Giants David Wilson Crying After Fumble – Video

Davild Wilson Crying FumbleNew York Giants rookie RB David Wilson crying after a fumble during season opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

Apparently there is no crying in baseball but there is in football. Wilson is a very good athlete with a lot of potential but had a fumble filled college career, 1 fumble for every 48 carries. I kid this young man with the Tom Hanks line from "League of Their Own", he obviously cares enough to shed a tear for his mistake.

Here is the video of both the fumble and his emotional moment on the sidelines.

Video David Wilson Cries After Fumble

David Wilson was not the reason why the New York Giants lost the game against the Cowboys, he had a negative moment and he can either build on the mistake by working harder in order to correct an obvious issue. It isn't impossible as proven by Tiki Barber who himself had his fair share of fumblitis.

13 Responses to NY Giants David Wilson Crying After Fumble – Video

  • Stanley says:

    His stock is dropping fast and furiously. Andre Brown had a big week ad just passed him on the depth chart. Cry baby!

  • Renny says:

    Today is a different day and an opportunity for David Wilson to bounce back against the Bucs. Lets go G-men.

  • I think Wilson will end up being a fine RB in the NFL. He will learn to overcome his fumbles and get used to the speed of the NFL defenses.

  • Barry says:

    Awesome blog, have followed it for 2 years wish you updated more often.

  • Frank Ospina says:

    David Wilson claims he was not crying, it looks like he was in that video. I’m sure if he did cry he is pretty embarrassed about it, I know I would be lol.

  • Romey says:

    David Wilson has a lot to learn, he also has to get used to the harder hits in the NFL as compared to college but he will get there.

  • Gunner says:

    Oliver are you dumb? Are you seriously trying to say our GM is not a good evaluator? The Cowboys haven’t won anything in over a decade, Reese has 2 Super Bowls and has picked players like Ballard who surprised everyone last season. How about Jason Pierre Paul who was in no ones radar. Learn something about football before you start making retarded statements.

  • Oliver Erling says:

    I thought it was a bad draft by the Giants in picking up David Wilson. Unfortunately for New York fans your GM is no Jerry Jones when it comes to evaluation of talent. He will be a bust.

  • C Garcia says:

    David Wilson will get better, he is a rookie who will make mistakes like this but in the long run he will be a huge asset for the Giants.

  • Pauly says:

    Demon L that was really mature, you couldn’t come up with anything better than that? Whats a loser.

  • Saza says:

    Was he crying? It may be sweat that looks like tears, he was upset with himself you can clearly see that and it’s understandable. Give the kid a break.

  • Kroft says:

    Give him credit for caring but that’s a rookie mistake no pun intended.

  • Demon L says:

    LMAO freaking cry baby Giants, they are overrated just like this rookie running back. Maybe he needs his mommie.

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