NY Giants WR Domenik Hixon Looking to Bounce Back Yet Again!

Domenik Hixon WR NY GiantsNew York Giants WR Domenik Hixon is looking to bounce back after 2 disappointing injury filled seasons.

The disappointment  has nothing to do with his ability but more to do with his unfortunate luck. In 2011 he scores a great touchdown against the ST. Louis Rams but in the process he tore his ACL which put him out of commission for the season.

It was a devastating injury especially after you factor in Victor Cruz who moved into the 3rd  spot and currently is one of the two starting WR's for the Super Bowl Champions. Hixon's future with the Giants was up in the air during his recovery but Mario Manningham's departure opened that door slightly. Domenik now finds himself in a battle with rookie Rueben Randle and also Ramses Barden for that 3rd wide receiver slot.

Domenik Hixon is currently 27 years old, he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2006. After being released in 2007, he was signed by the GMEN. The organization has always valued his potential and perceived upside and just recently resigned the veteran who was an unrestricted free agent.

Number 87 realizes his opportunities are diminishing and he needs to have a breakout season in order to hold down the third wide receiver slot on the team. His preseason has been impressive, Hixon does not seem to have lingering issues with his ACL. Domenik is also a well liked teammate and positive presence in the locker room which probably factored into his resigning.

Potential and personality can help you to a certain extent but you cannot escape lack of production even if it is due to injury. Rueben Randle is highly regarded by New York so there will be pressure and stiff competition for that 3rd spot. We know number 87 has the talent to compete and produce but will he be able to stay healthy in order to prove that? I know most Giants fans would join me in rooting for Domenik Hixon.

8 Responses to NY Giants WR Domenik Hixon Looking to Bounce Back Yet Again!

  • Tai says:

    Is his issue lack of preparation, stretching? This guy has always had talent but thru out his career he has been unable to play a full season. His time is passing him by and fast for sure.

  • Grady Killma says:

    Hixon is a baller, he can run routes, has decent speed. He gonna be aight, trust me.

  • Fritz says:

    Giants will have the best 3 wide receiver core even without Manningham. You can plugin Hixon, Braden or the rookie and they are still that talented. Cowboys wr’s are over valued, big names with no production last couple of seasons. BIG BLUE!

  • Dallas Jay says:

    New York has sucky wide receivers who will never be able to play like they did last season. Hixon sucks, Cruz will be a one year wonder, Nicks is the only good receiver and he would be a bench player on the Cowboys.

  • Jeff 85 says:

    I don’t want to jinx Hixon but I think it’s just a matter of time before he has another weird injury. Great guy but just one of those players who cannot stay healthy.

  • G-MAN says:

    Looking good for D Hixon, a few years ago he was supposed to be the number 1 receiver and did not do well at all in that position. Now coming back from injury, not much expected is perfect for him. he doesn’t have the pressure of being the number 1 or 2 option and can take some plays off as the number 3. He will shine.

  • Merisa says:

    Domenik Hixon has had some horrible breaks in his career, i hope he finally has one go his way. He is such a nice guy and a very good player. I think the number 3 wr role really fits him on this team.

  • Roby Lec says:

    Hixon is ok, not sure if he will be able to hold the rookie back, he is way too talented.

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