Martellus Bennett Wants to Kick The Cowboys Asses

Martellus Bennett Current New York Giants TE (ex Dallas Cowboys TE) Martellus Bennett wants to kick the Cowboys Asses.

The always controversial Bennett did not hold back when asked about his former team. Martellus was signed as a free agent this past off season by the Giants who needed insurance and depth at the position due to injuries. After losing Jake Ballard to the Patriots, he will become a key player in the roster.

The question is, will he fit in with this team? Martellus has a way of making headlines but usually for all the wrong reasons. His latest comments just adds fuel to the fire, many teams will be gunning for the Super Bowl Champions this season, especially the NFC East rival Cowboys. Bennett's exact quote was:

I just want to kick those guys asses. That is what it is all about. I mean we are cool,  we ain't that cool, know what I'm saying?

He continues by adding a few more words towards the Cowboys and to everyone in the NFL:

I kind of got some ill feelings towards them overall. It is a game, I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL

As previously mentioned in this article NY Giants Sign TE Martellus Bennett, he has talent and a lot of potential but comes with baggage. If he cannot control his mouth he will certainly feel the wrath of Tom Coughlin and other more mature and established Giants players.

In Dallas Bennett criticized Mr. Untouchable Tony Romo, that got him in hot water. He is also posted some nude photos on the internet. I have always said there is nothing wrong with a little trash talk, but you really should wait to be established on your current team and using the word "hate" can be a little too much. Coming from Dallas you can certainly understand his frustration with the Cowboys. He couldn't get on the field playing behind Jason Witten to showcase his talent but then again no one can blame Dallas for that, Witten is a solid top tier Tight End.

Only time will tell if Martellus Bennett will be a good fit for the New York Giants, but one thing seems certain Big Blue fans will definitely be entertained.

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  • Warren E says:

    ESPN always wants to make a big deal out of anything said. What Umenyiora said is not out of bounds, RG3 hasn’t done anything in the National Football League. He is a guy with a name that is all, many like him have come to the NFL only to disappear within a couple of years.

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