49ers Sign Tippy Toeing Ballerina Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs TD DanceLike the saying goes, "If You Can't Beat Them, Recruit Them", OK that's not quite right but you get the idea.

The San Francisco 49ers have signed RB Brandon Jacobs to a one year deal. He joins his former NY Giants teammate WR Mario Manningham who recently inked a 2 year deal with San Francisco.

In Manningham the 49ers are getting a young, talented wide receiver with a lot of potential, that was a good pick up for them especially when you consider their deficiencies at the wide receiver position. The Brandon Jacobs picl up on the other hand is not a very good one in my opinion. The former big bruising RB has become a tippy toeing ballerina around the line of scrimmage.

I have been calling him a tippy toeing ballerina for about 2 years now, his best years are behind him for sure. Jacobs has lost a step or two and is by far more trouble than he is worth when it comes to team chemistry.

New York Giants fans are used to seeing the big back who stands 6'4" tall and about 265 pounds get stopped consistently on 3rd and 1's. For a big guy he is one of the worst short yardage RB's in the NFL. The only positive is that San Francisco will not be using him as their primary back, but they better hope Frank Gore can stay healthy or else they will be in for some frustrating runs with Jacobs.

If San Fran signed the former Giants RB looking for a great trash talker then they will get their moneys worth in that department. The man can talk trash all day, every day. He is also very good a starting scuffles after every run, he gets up pushes a few opposing players around and talks tough which occasionally brings out the yellow flags. Oh and wait till 49ers fans catch his Chippendales style TD dance.

I appreciate Brandon Jacobs time in New York, especially his first few seasons but he truly wore me out the last 2 plus years. This past season he kept threatening New York with leaving what he did not count on was that the organization didn't really want him to stay. Best of luck Brandon Jacobs in San Francisco!

4 Responses to 49ers Sign Tippy Toeing Ballerina Brandon Jacobs

  • Nathan says:

    I can’t say I will miss him or do I believe the Giants will have hard time replacing him. I wish him luck though, he was part of 2 championships and contributed. Time for some energetic youthful players to come. Manningham will be much harder to replace than Jacobs.

  • Loyal 49ers says:

    As a niners fan I am very unhappy about wasting any money on a big, slow, old back like Brandon Jacobs. I agree with the writer on the points made especially his attitude. Every time we played the Giants and Jacobs was in he would act like a complete idiot.

  • Simon Says says:

    Agree with Keith, 49ers will regret signing him. I liked Brandon Jacobs but he had become a negative in the locker room. He is just looking for one more pay day.

  • Keith says:

    They messed up signing him and moss IMO. He his done this should be his last year if he was smart he would retire a CHAMP!

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