NY Giants Fan Falls 2 Stories During Super Bowl Parade

NY Giants Fan Falls 2 Stories During Super Bowl ParadeThis knucklehead NY Giants fan falls 2 stories during the Super Bowl Parade celebration.

For some inexplicable reason he was trying to climb up to a second floor window in an office building. He actually got up to the window which is sort of impressive. The occupants in the office initially opened the window but did not let him in.

The crowd began shouting "let Him In, Let Him In" (other things were also shouted), finally they decide to open the window but at that very moment this Giants fan loses his footing and falls. Here is the video:

Giants Fan Falls From 2 Story Window During Super Bowl Parade

I guess we are all guilty of doing stupid things when we are in the moment. He wanted attention and got it but the end result wasn't as fulfilling as he would have anticipated. The person who emailed me the video said the ground literally shook when he fell. He did get hurt, nothing life threatening but at the very least a concussion, some soreness and probably a bruised ego and lesson learned.

4 Responses to NY Giants Fan Falls 2 Stories During Super Bowl Parade

  • Conrad says:

    Now that’s one dumb new yorker, another big city idiot lol.

  • Jeff S. says:

    What a complete idiot! If you listen carefully you will notice some people int he crowd expressing how pointless and stupid this really was. At least he hurt himself and not others.

  • P.C. says:

    whomever shot this video needs to brush up on their techniques! They missed the critical moment when ‘knucklehead’ lost his grip

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