NY Giants Salsa Dancing Fan Attacked at Umass

NY Giants Salsa Dancing Fan Attacked at UMassHe is brave and dumb all rolled into one but this NY Giants salsa dancing fan eventually gets attacked by New England Patriots fans at UMass after the Super Bowl.

Wearing a #80 Victor Cruz jersey he taunts the angry crowd until a handful attempt to rush him, he holds them off with a fake punch and then proceeds to start dancing salsa again!

He is ballsy that's for sure but definitely lacking some common sense. He gets saved by security right before things really get out of hand, he still took a sucker punch to the back of the head. Victor Cruz was a standout football player for the University of Massachusetts but he is now a Big Blue player so love don't live there no more. Here is the video.

New York Giants Fan Attacked Almost Starts UMass Riot - Video

Read more about number 80 by clicking "Victor Cruz Bringing More Than Just Salsa to the NY Giants".

24 Responses to NY Giants Salsa Dancing Fan Attacked at Umass

  • Barry A says:

    Idiots on both sides. The Giants fan is dumb for getting the Patriots fans riled up but New England fans were dumb for allowing him to do so. Immature kids, what do you expect?

  • Ellie says:

    How can anyone criticize UMass kids for getting upset a some immature kid who is trying to get a rise out of the crowd? He succeeded and is lucky to have gotten out of there relatively untouched. As if New York fans wouldn’t have acted exactly the same.

  • Abraham says:

    Yooooooo that boy has got some serious bowling balls for cojones. There are at least 100 people there looking on and who knows how many would have joined in on the beatdown if it got started.

  • Bev says:

    That Victor Cruz fan must not cherish his life, I wonder if he now realizes how close he was to getting seriously hurt if those guards do not show up to get him out of there.

  • Walter Davis says:

    Are kidding me? So a fan can’t celebrate a win in front of idiot Patriots fans? What a bunch of losers, no class and the funny thing is that they think they are better than everyone else.

  • Billy Reilly says:

    Hahahaha what an idiot, he should have gotten his ass kicked. That sucker punch was not enough.

  • DCS says:

    It doesn’t matter where you are from. NY, Boston, LA, Oakland its not the city that makes you an idiot. You make yourself an idiot. I love the Giants and this kid got some guts some very dumb guts but, hey Pats fans don’t get all wild up about it. Let him enjoy the Win. Tell him next season Brady and the Gang are going to come in and win it all. Shake off the lose and get over it. All this talk about NYC people are worst or vice versa talk is stupid. NYC and Boston are both amazing cities with some real big name teams. SO GET OVER IT.



  • Santos says:

    This made me laugh so much, you can say what you will about that boy but he has some giants size marbells lol

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  • Skip says:

    LOSERS, attacking one guy cause he is celebrating a win.

  • Marino says:

    What a sucker that kid is who punched the Victor Cruz salsa dancing fan in the back of the head. Real tough guy waiting till the kid isn’t looking to strike, LOSERRRRR.

  • rahsaan says:

    Why are these stupid Pat fans “rioting” in the first place? And NO….NY’ers don’t riot or burn cars or all the things that come with that. Absolute STUPIDITY by those fans. And by the way…Victor Cruz is a Umass alum. Yet this gets attacked for celebrating him…smh.

  • Harry Z says:

    People from Mass (Boston) always think they are so classy and so much better than people from NYC, but look in reality they are worse. Not only do they act silly but are hypocrites about it. Pathetic display of mob mentality here.

  • Jake says:

    He deserved more than just that punch, an absolute idiot is what he is.

  • Oscar says:

    Patriots fans are so DUMB, attacking a kid who is just having a little fun. NO CLASS New England.

  • Victor Suarez says:

    That kid has got some big cojones, love the part where he stopped and started again even while people were trying to attack him lol.

  • Paula P says:

    So he isn’t allow to have fun in the very school Victor Cruz attended for college? People take these celebrations so seriously and to heart. Give the kid a break and allow him the opportunity to celebrate his teams Super Bowl win. His salsa dancing was so cute too.

  • Ian Weiss says:

    I love how Giants fans are on here talking crap. If that would have been a Patriots fan in some bar in New York or at NYU celebrating a Patriots Super Bowl win over New York you guys would have pounded that fan. Don’t be hypocrites, people from NYC are the worst when it comes to a mob mentality.

  • Delaney P says:

    What a complete and total tard! What did he expect for people there to hug him and cheer with him? DUMB!

  • Dee says:

    Awwwww he is so cute, I felt so bad he got punched in the head by an idiot fan who didn’t even have the guts to fight him face on. You go little Victor Cruz dude!

  • Mr. Wilson says:

    He asked for it, I am a Giants fan but I’m not about to go to a Boston pub and start acting silly. I will cheer for my team without over doing it nor taunting other people.

  • Bryan D says:

    I wish I would have been there so that I could have dropped kicked him to the head. I wouldn’t go to New York and start screaming about my Patriots or Sox after a NYC team had a bad loss. F him!

  • Wesley Olman says:

    Some people just like asking for trouble. I’m sure we all can appreciate his loyalty to his team but going into hostile territory and taunting opposing fans is dangerous. He is fortunate to have been saved before catching a real beating.

  • Raven says:

    He is really lucky that there wasn’t a mob beat down of him. I think he was seconds away from getting all those Patriots fans to riot and beat him up. Not smart at all.

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