Justin Tuck Brick Strong Friendship with Evan Sullivano

Justin Tuck Evan Sullivano Brick StrongNew York Giants DE Justin Tuck wears a green wristband that reads Brick Strong during every game. Have you noticed it before? Ever wondered its significance?

The wristband was given to Justin by a young man named Evan Sullivano who suffered from leukemia. ESPN's Rachel Nichols reported this story and I wanted to share it with my readers in case you missed it.

Athletes usually make headlines with negative stories, most of their good deeds and moments go unnoticed, as good stories lack sensationalism. Unfortunately Evan Sullivano has passed on due to his illness but before leaving this earth he left a lasting impression on many people including his friend Justin Tuck.

His mother Debbie Sullivano remembers her sons football playing days and his desire to one day play in the NFL. He was known for his toughness on the field and was nicknamed "The Brick" by teammates. Sadly, this tough young man began a battle for his life at the age of 13 when he was diagnosed with leukemia. The Sullivano family faced even more tragedy when Evan's dad passed away from a heart attack.

Justin Tuck heard his story and was told he was Evan's favorite player. The Giants DE visited him and that initial visit turned into a friendship between the two.  This wasn't just a one time PR hospital visit for JT, it turned into a special bond. They communicated with one another via emails, texts and even visits until the very end.

On February 5th 2012, Justin Tuck and the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Tuck will be going on to the field not only with his teammates but also with Evan Sullivano and that bright green wristband.

Evan Sullivano Brick Strong

Evan Sullivano (left) R.I.P. 1992-2010

Watch the ESPN video and full story by going to Justin Tuck Brick Strong.

10 Responses to Justin Tuck Brick Strong Friendship with Evan Sullivano

  • Byron says:

    Book-marked, I really like your site! :)

  • PackFanatic says:

    Nice article, I feel for the Sullivano family and wish the mom a quick recovery as it is reported she is now suffering from breast cancer.

  • me says:

    im a Falcons fan so Justin Tuck hasnt been my fav player the past month or so…but this story is a great testament to his heart, and love for Evan…needless to say when they showed this story on Sports Center i was crying my eyes out, his mother has been through so much and to have somone like Justin take the time to get to know, love and help strengthen her son was probably the best gift she could have gotten during such a horrible time…i was glad to get to see another side of Justin and i think its great how much he embraced and cared about Evan, i can only imagine what his friendship did for Evan when he was going through such a hard time…RIP Evan and bless u Justin

  • Nancy says:

    Evan YOU were the Brick who still teaches all of us to be strong through all of life. You did not live long on this earth, but have made a BIG impact on many – many lives. Justin Tuck I saw you look up to Heaven and send a kiss to Evan. I thought it was just to God Himself, but I believe, like you, Evan is looking down, and especially on his Buddy Justin, and the Giants.
    Mom, Debbie, you are in my prayers to BEAT the breast cancer. I know many who have. Evan’s three siblings – remember to be tough, and sometimes it means to shout at God and cry out and ask Him to guide your lives. In our weakness God IS our strength.
    Strength, laughter-some day soon, and Peace to you all.

  • Nnikki lane says:

    Justin tuck is an amazing man. Evan was my brother and I will never be able to put in words how this whole story has made me feel. Love you Evan. Miss u buddy. Brickstrong tuck!

    • Sal from Queens says:

      Nnikki lane sorry for your loss, Evan seems to have touched many in such a positive way. Even thought it is sad to lose someone so special you are fortunate to have been able to experience someone like that in your life is priceless.

  • Shannon says:

    This was such a very touching story. I wanted to share it with my students on Monday, but the video has been removed. Is there a reason why? I am very disappointed!

  • dan says:

    Justin Tuck is a class act ..it shows all that their are still humble professional athletes out there and j.t i have to give you the respect you deserve and i applaud your actions on and def off the field ..your a great guy in the eye of america ..keep up the good work and good luck on sunday my friends!..

  • NYC Jay says:

    Justin Tuck is a good guy, sad story that family has been through quite a bit. Good share giantskickoff.

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