Flashback: David Tyree Super Bowl XLII (42) Catch vs New England Patriots

Davis Tyree Super Bowl Catch vs PatriotsThe David Tyree Super Bowl XLII (42) catch against the New England Patriots is arguably the best play in SB history.

A look back at this incredible play which ultimately provided the New York Giants an opportunity to win the game. People can argue if this is the best catch during a Super Bowl but it would be difficult to find an overall better play from start to finish.

Eli Manning's escape while being pulled from his jersey, the throw, the unbelievable catch and of course the moment (event, game, time) where it happened. Also take into account who was covering David Tyree, none other than Rodney Harrsion who was known for being a tenacious defender. Here is the video .

Video David Tyree Super Bowl Catch vs Patriots

3 Responses to Flashback: David Tyree Super Bowl XLII (42) Catch vs New England Patriots

  • Nichol says:

    Is the Mario Manningham Super Bowl catch better than the David Tyree reception? Neither were touchdowns but both led to scores and wins. I think they rank 1 and 2 all time in NFL history when it comes to catches but the Tyree one was tougher in my opinion so I have it as #1.

  • Christen M says:

    Easily and clearly Eli Manning to David Tyree is the best play ever in super bowl history. Is it the best catch ever? That’s tougher cause Holmes made a td catch the very next season for the Steelers which won that SB. It might be no matter what it is definitely up there.

  • Tony says:

    Not even close, it’s the best play ever in Super Bowl history which makes it the best play in NFL history.

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