Tom Brady is a Soft Cry Baby Who is Over Protected by NFL Refs

Tom Brady Soft Cry BabyIt's a fact, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is a soft cry baby who is over protected by NFL refs.

He goes by many names, "The Golden Boy", "Tom Terrific", I call him "Mr. Perfect" cause in the eyes of NFL referees he cannot do any wrong and cannot be touched. Just looking at Brady the wrong way may get a player flagged.

As Super Bowl XLVI (46) approaches the New York Giants better be aware that they will be facing Tom Terrific, the Patriots and also the referees. If you hit the Golden Boy and he decides to complain to the officials, chances are there will be a flag thrown even if it is a legal hit.

You think I'm kidding? Just ask any defensive player like Terell Suggs, Haloti Ngata or London Fletcher. Better yet watch this video.

Tom Brady Over Protected By NFL Referee - London Fletcher Hit

I posted this video and an article on December 11th, you can read more by going to "Jeff Triplette Bad Call On London Fletcher". As you will see below, Fletcher puts a legal hit on Brady yet he is flagged. The funny part is that Tom Brady right away gets up and starts applauding the penalty as if he in fact had been illegally hit. The video and replays clearly show it was perfectly legal. The ref claims it was a forearm to the head which could not be further from the truth.

It's a serious dilemma for opponents facing the New England Patriots QB, an unfortunate situation which calls into question the integrity of the officials and the league. Tom Brady feels so entitled he will actually get into soft cry baby mode after a legal or inconsequential hit, complain and try to persuade a referee to throw a flag.

Watch the video below. The Ravens Terrell Suggs barely makes contact with Tom's leg, the referee looking on hesitates to throw the flag but Brady starts pointing at the ref who in turn then nods and acknowledges his request for a penalty and throws the flag, UNREAL!

Players in the league openly talk about his sense of entitlement. In an interview for Sports Illustrated Baltimore Ravens Haloti Ngata told Dan Patrick

I love hitting Tom Brady because he always complains, he thinks he should never be touched.

Ngata's teammate Terrell Suggs during a Sirius Radio interview said of Brady

Rules made for him, he gets to tell the referee when to throw the flag

Even a former teammate has called out Tom Brady. Former Patriots player and now NBC Football analyst Rodney Harrison said

Tom Brady if you're listening, take off the skirt and put on some slacks, toughen up"

That quote by Harrison was made on a live broadcast of Sunday Night Football on NBC. Rodney made his comments after analyzing the play where the Ravens Suggs barely touched "The Golden Boys" leg (video shown above).

Tom Brady isn't only soft and a cry baby but also seems to have very thin skin. After an INT during the Washington Redskins vs Patriots game this season, Mr Perfect threw a tantrum on the sideline and argued with his now former Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien. It seems Bill O'Brien questioned Brady's decision which in turn infuriated the QB.

Let's Hope Superbowl XLVI (46) Isn't Tainted

The infamous Tuck Rule changed the course of NFL history and Super Bowl XXXVI. The Oakland Raiders were robbed of a chance to be the AFC representatives in that Super Bowl. Instead that questionable call favored Tom Brady (surprise, surprise) and the New England Patriots.

The referees have a responsibility to call plays as they see them not as Mr Perfect sees them. Tom Brady is a great QB, he doesn't need additional unfair help from officials. In many games Eli Manning takes a beating and rarely does he get calls which protect him from late hits. All fans are asking for is a fair game! A mano a mano match-up between two very good quarterbacks and two excellent teams.

There is no denying how good Tom Brady is but there is also no denying he has a little Justin Bieber in him, he is soft and a big time Cry BABY!

25 Responses to Tom Brady is a Soft Cry Baby Who is Over Protected by NFL Refs

  • Magnum says:

    Wasn’t Tom Brady planning and talking about a Super Bowl parade? Anyone see him in the New York Giants parade? LOL sucker!

  • Iris Bastard says:

    Are the Giants the luckiest Super Bowl winning team ever? Answer: YES.

    You New York people make me laugh so hard acting as if you won the Super Bowl, you were given a gift!!! How many times does Tom Brady make a bad throw? How many times does Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker drop a pass? RARELY! Gronk was hurt, fumbles bounced your way, everything just went the Giants way. Not only in the Super Bowl but also in the game against the 49ers. LUCK!!!

  • Santiago says:

    Tom Brady was flinching when Tuck was about to hit and sack him and that’s why he threw the ball away and got the safety. He is soft and is always scared of taking a hit. The interception was the same deal.

  • Larry 49er says:

    I was rooting for Brady and the Patriots because the Giants did not deserve to be in the Super Bowl, my 49ers did. New Yoirk has to be the luckiest team I have ever seen, Brady sucks though that throw to Welker was bad, that would have sealed the game. Giants are lucky not good.

  • Nelson Smith says:

    GIANTS WIN, we didn’t get as much pressure as I am sure everyone thought we would be regardless the int Brady threw was exactly what u said in the article. He got nervous and made a bad throw, just like when he threw what turned out to be the safetey. He got nervous and just chucked it lol.

  • Wilber M says:

    Brady will be feeling the heat today. Tuck, Osi and JPP are going to be all over his soft ass.

  • Lady Pat says:

    I don’t know football? OK haters it’s obvious the truth hurts! I cannot believe you people would argue that Tom Brady isn’t tougher than Eli Manning. Cause this site put a couple of videos and some quotes by players doesn’t mean Tom isn’t tough. Eli cant take hits like Brady and yes Tom is TERRIFIC,

    • Raena says:

      Lady Pat, did you watch the game last night? I think Eli is a touch tougher and the Giants just a touch better than Tom Terrific and the Patriots, and this is putting it nicely. You are out of your ever loving mind thinking that Tom Brady is tough. He is such a sissy and I used to be a Patriots fan, I used to love Tom Brady. And then I woke up and saw what a wuss he is and how disgraceful it is to cheer for a CHEATING team.

      You make women like me, that actually know a thing or two about football, look childish and ignorant. Please go post somewhere else because the rest of us really don’t give a crap about your crush on Tom Brady.

    • Billy Reilly says:

      Youre just like the rest of the Mass-holes Brady is a complainer and bitches when he doesnt get his way… you never see Eli complaining about no flags being thrown… Youre an ignorant New England fan lmao… o yea how “TERRIFIC” did Brady look getting a safety on their first drive… Really came through in the clutch…NOT… STOP MAKING WOMAN LOOK STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • T Parsons says:

      Oh my goodness, you do talk like someone who should just tend to her baking cookie job instead of talkng football. Support your claim w/ facts, Lady. Christina was right; you make a bad name for us women, who know some football.

      Watch the video clip of “Catch 42″ by David Tyree, Super Bowl XLII (42) and see how everybody thought Eli was sacked but indeed he “wiggled” out of those grabs, shook it off and sailed a beautiful pass to David T.

      Unlike Tom Terrific, at this Super Bowl, Tom did managed to get out of a near sack but then threw an interception that foiled a possibility for scoring had it been complete (fortunately no flag from the ref for touching Mr. Perfect;P)

      Now, decide who’s tougher!

  • Lady Pat says:

    PLEASE STOP THE DRAMA. Jealousy is what that is called. Not surprising to see an article which is anti-Brady on a Giants website. Before you say anything negative about Brady and him being soft take a look at ELi Manning an dhow soft he can be, Brady takes hits, can your quarterback actually withstand the same punishment? I think not. Get a clue, Manning is softer than Brady.

    • Sal says:

      Lay Pat please tell me you are joking with that comment? Please don;t tell me you are seriously commenting on Eli Manning’s toughness, even worse comparing him to Brady? Eli takes more shots than probably 75% of the QB’s in the NFL. He never even acts hurt, he just gets up, dusts off and continues playing. Rarely does he even look at a referee to try and get a flag. You are absolutely clueless and maiing women who know the sport bad. Do you even watch football or you just think Tom Terrific is cute lol.

    • Tony says:

      @Lady Pat pardon me but you are the one that needs a clue. Eli Manning is actually the most durable QB in the NFL. He currently has played the most consecutive games at the postion without an injury. Brady if a wimp however I will admit that if given time he is one of the best qb’s playing. But under pressure he crumbles cause his winpy side comes out. Now thats the truth, maybe try informing yourself before making a fool on yourself.

    • Christina says:

      Wow. You are honestly an idiot. Please refrain from posting dumb comments before checking your facts, sweetheart. You make girls that actually know their football look foolish. Try again. (;

    • Randy Morris says:

      Ignorance is bliss and Lady Pat u are lost when it comes to talking foorball. Brady is known for being one ofthe best ever but he is also known for being soft. Eli Manning on the other hand is 1 of the toughest players in the nfl when it comes to taking hits. Leave the football talk to fans who know, get back and bake some cookies or something.

    • nygiant1188 says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS LADY!!?? U MUST NOT WATCH A LOT OF FOOTBALL, DID YOU MISS THE GAME AGAINST SAN FRAN!!? People can comment all the they want about brady won this or brady has this many superbowls, thats not the argument here, he is a little cry baby playing a mans game, cryea and complains to the refs, it almost looks like a soccer player diving. If it was T.O who yelled at his O coordinator like that it would’ve been a huge deal but because it was this little golden girl it wasnt as big, even the media protects him.

  • NYC-Giants-Fan says:

    No one can argue Brady is a soft qb, come on now peeps. I know some 0of you are fans but he is no Eli Manning when it comes to taking a hit and not being a complete girl about it. Not saying he isn’t one of the best qb’s in the league either but no question he has helped sissify the NFL.

  • Bronx Boss says:

    To Nathan and Mar (Pats fans), are you both 5 years old? The fact your QB is a sissy has nothing to do with SB wins. Lets not even get into those tainted wins, a team who got the tuck rule just for Tom Brady and also a team known for video taping opponents practices and cheating. The videos dont lie and im sure the truth hurts but the article writer is correct when pointing out he is more like Justin Bieber lol (loved that line). The gmen are going to destroy Brady this Sunday,

  • Nathan Baadte says:

    Wow as a patriots fan i find this absolutely hilarious. We’re really sorry that your team doesnt have a quarterback as good as Tom Brady, so it’s okay to be jealous and hate on Brady. Bc he has 3… bout to be 4 super bowl rings. How many does your QB have?

  • Mark DeAngelo says:

    Stop hating on Brady, Giants fans are so envious of our QB. Eli Manning couldn’t lace up Tom’s cleats. He is everything you called him, the golden boy, mr perfect and tom terrific and the NFL knows to protect their money makers. Sorry Eli is a scrub and gets no love or respect from anyone but stop hating on the best quarterback in football who is about to beat your team and get his 4th Super Bowl.

  • El Gigante says:

    Glad someone is calling out Tom Brady. You almost never hear the term soft associated with this guy but truth be told he has always been a softie. Players don’t say it but they believe it, I personally dislike the guy cause he seems fake to me. Hope our Giants put a beating on him.

  • Barry NYJ says:

    I’m a NY Jets fans and you Giants fans will soon know what we have tio deal with 2 times a year. Brady is the biggest baby in the nfl, if players get near him he gets pissed off. He whines to the refs all the time and what is more frustrating is that he can manipulate them.

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