Unhappy Cowboys Fan Video Rant

Unhappy Cowboys Fan Video RantA very unhappy and angry Dallas Cowboys fan creates this video rant and song dedicated to Tony Romo and the boys.

He made the video during the game when the Cowboys were down 14-0, he sings "I really hope the Giants will win, so we never have to see Romo again". After the song he then switches sides and declares his support for the New York Giants! Talk about a pissed off fan!

I personally am not a Tony Romo fan, he seems to come up short in big moments but this last game wasn't totally his fault. He threw one INT and a couple of bad balls but the defense really let the Cowboys down not only their QB. I would blame the other loud mouth in the NFL defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

The video is funny, you can hear the guys son in the background asking his dad why he wants the Giants to win and why he wants to burn Tony Romo's jersey, his singing skills are bad though. Here is the clip.

Video Pissed Off Cowboys Fan Rant

12 Responses to Unhappy Cowboys Fan Video Rant

  • Len MC says:

    Gotta love it, Cowboys fans defecting to the GMen fams. Not sure we want fans like this tho.

  • Robbie says:

    Straight up loser! No real fan of any team would make a video like this. I can’t stand idiots like this guy, to take the time to make a fool of yourself is just pathetic.

  • C.M. says:

    All Dallas fans are true idiots just like their GM jerry’s old a**. and the dumb players. Except for Shaun lee, Murray, ware, Robinson, Dez, Jessie Holly. Cowboys problem is the play book is as old as J. Jones farts. and if you dumb a**es hit at me I will put my foot in your sorry a**, thats a two-way street. . . To all Dallas Cowards and fans

  • caleab says:

    What a selfish prick!!!! Being a fan means being a fan even when your team isn’t doing well. It’s great to voice your opinion about what changes you think the orginization needs to make in order to win, but to quit your team means you were never really a fan in the first place. If you only like your team when they win, you’re not a real fan. CHUMP!!!!

  • Bo Bernard says:

    I been a cowboys fan since the 70`s. Since Jones came and took over they were great in the 90`s but when the coach and Jerry had it out and the coach was gone they were no good anymore cause the owner wants to run the show and not let the coach do the job they got hire for. They cant have two or three running backs as starters and no full back that what is see is they major problem and many more.

  • Tre says:

    WTF this dude is a dang fool.How in the hell can you blame romo for the damn secondary- any fool can see it! im a die hard cowboys fan way before romo, aikman and danny white the secondary just aint any good maybe its the 3-4 or personel they will get it fixed this dude just needs to stfu please!!!!

  • NightD says:

    Erik, you’re clueless as well…Dallas has a younger o-line now and didn’t have an offseason to develope them, Romo can’t pass if he has no time genius. J. Garret sucked as a QB ya say? This obviously tells me even more that you are totally clueless and just spouting rhetoric, try learning more about the game and what you’re watching and less typing nonsense.

  • Jerry Jones Sucks says:

    Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I’m about done yall with Jerry Jones. He needs to hire a general manager, a better coach and defensive coordinator. I cannot stand Rob Ryan and his brother, they freaking talk too much. They need to lose weight and also their pompous attitudes as if they are a gift to the NFL all they are now are fat idiots who can’t coach.

    I don’t like this stupid song this guy is singing but will admit I can understand his disappointment and disgust. I’m ready to burn some jerseys myself.

  • Erik says:

    Ive been a long time Dallas Cowboys Fan Myself, since Aikman, Novacheck, Moose, Emitt, Irvin, Harper.

    The team now that you see, lacks all around chemistry. Line cannot block, and to be honest I was a Tony Romo fan but the dude is just not a Wanna get it all competitor. The only time he was that, is when he first got put in to start, he was energetic and injury free, then Jones paid his ass too soon BIG CHECK, JONES UR A DUMBASS!

    Romo then lost his edge and has never regained it since.

    I still believe in em, it’s just his demeanor and the way he speaks shows that he’s not the dude he was when he first go the start. O-line wont block for him, Romo proves himself to the team, then throws a game away to my HOME TEAM lions, and thats saying somthing. So how would u as a team member look at someone who does that soo carlessly and quickly.????

    Not to mention throwing and scape goating Terrell Owens under a bus. Look at T.O’s career now.
    if u were to weigh the outcome now to when we had Terrell owens. I WOULD SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT THE COWBOYS TEAM HAD A SHARPER QUICKER FIERCE EDGE WITH EM THEN WITHOUT EM.

    Now you got a Aging Tony Romo with a O-line that’s going to get him hit up like none other, this year proved it already. young crappy receivers that trust me….are not going to pan out.. Austin? Bryant..Please! there young and they do not have the IT factor..too inexperienced. They never should of dropped Terrell Owens. I’m about sick of Tony Romo’s boyfriend Witten…YOU NEED RECEIVERS TO THROW TO ALSO ROMO NOT JUST A TIGHT END.
    garrett sucks, and he also sucked as a QB. The Team is a complete utter mess and it all started with dropping terrell owens and signing wasting a trade on williams. Secondary plays like detroit lions use to play, drop newman.

  • Cowboys 4 Life says:

    What a disgrace of a fan this guy is, hope you don’t live in Dallas cause someone is gonna want to punch you in the face.

    • Lewis Crawford says:

      Im with you my man! Cowboys havent been the Cowboys in a very long time. Cant wait to see what kind of BS comes next. Romo is a good qb. if it were me, during practices, i would make them and him, take snaps to the tune of 4th and 25, with a full on blitz, WITH PADS, all practice season long! Get the fear out Tony, its killing the team. Workem coach! Guys, you must work 10 x harder than at a game, then the game will seem easy. I can prove that fact. My son, 13 then, was a pitcher. at a practice for 14-19 yr olds, he was sent to the mound, with bases loaded mind you, just so the coaches could rush him through. You know it, 3 strike outs in a row! But that came at the cost of pitching and working harder than the game is supposed to be. needless to say, he got the respect he commanded! PONDER THAT ONE!

  • NightD says:

    Understandable the frustration but Romo wasn’t in any way at fault for that loss, o-line got blown up, a mediocre secondary are the positions at fault. I don’t believe you were a Dallas fan to begin with (or not a very good one) and this is a useless rant from a mediocre fan.

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