Evidence the Refs Helped Packers Beat the NY Giants

Jake Ballard TDClear evidence of one sided calls by the refs who helped the Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants week 13.

The officials were horrible during this game. There were several calls which went against the NY Giants or in favor of the Packers which were bad calls and changed the course of the game. What's more distrubing is the fact that some of these calls were reviewed and not over turned.

It almost felt like a Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquioa fight where no matter how good Marquez fights the cards are against him. In this case it wasn't judges but NFL referees stacking the cards against the Giants, it was blatant and shameful! Almost seems as if the NFL is going to make sure they have a story book ending with an undefeated Packers team this season no matter what. Here is video and photographic evidence of the blatant bad calls.

Jake Ballard TD vs Green Bay Packers

This was a huge mistake, TE Jake Ballard clearly scored a TD against the Green Bay Packers but the refs reviewed the play and still determined it was not a score. New York ended up settling for a field goal instead. The extra 4 points would have given the Giants a win! Look at this photo which clearly shows Ballard had his knee in before he went out of bounds.

Jake Ballard TD vs Packers

That angle doesn't convince you? How about this one?

Jake Ballard TD vs Packer Week 13

Greg Jennings TD vs Giants - Never Had Possession

So Ballard's clear touchdown does not count yet Greg Jennings TD against the Giants does? He clearly never secures the ball and or maintains possession. The rule also states you have to finish the catch which he never does! Again this play is reviewed and unbelievably enough the score is upheld. Look at the evidence for yourself.

Greg Jennings is bobbling the ball and eventually it is knocked out of his hand before he establishes clear possession, how can a ref review that play and say it was a TD?

Series of Bad Calls by Refs Against the New York Giants

Here is another video showing several calls which were either missed, ignored and blatantly overlooked by NFL refs week 13. WR Hakeem Nicks was mugged almost every play yet referees ignored clear pass interference by Packers defenders. They were grabbing his shirt, pulling on him but no flags were thrown. If a Giants defender barely touched a Packer receiver it was a flag guaranteed. Here is the video.

The evidence doesn't lie, this game was clearly called in favor of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. There were several more suspect calls which hurt the Giants in this game. Jason Pierre-Paul recorded a sack on a key 3rd down but that was nullified by a ridiculous penalty of illegal use of the hands on the Giants. The Packers receiver was barely touched about 6 yards in, something Green Bay defenders did all night and got away with.

We get it! The NFL really wants the Green Bay Packers to go undefeated but at least try being subtle about it. The NFL talks about being consistent yet the refs were anything but that in week 13. The New York Giants are fighting for their playoff lives and gave a great effort against a team that doesn't need additional help. Players are held to a high standard by Commissioner Roger Goodell, shouldn't referees be held to the same standard? Last I looked neither Don King nor Bob Arum are running the NFL, the integrity of the game comes into question with these calls. The evidence is clear the refs definitely helped the Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants week 13.

74 Responses to Evidence the Refs Helped Packers Beat the NY Giants

  • john says:

    I guess bad calls cost the Giants the game against the Redskins!

  • Balado says:

    YES no undefeated season for the Green Bay Packers. Out of all the teams they lose against the Kansas City Chiefs, go figure HAHAHAHAHA.

  • Tanabe says:

    Embarrassment of a game for the NFL. These refs were obviously biased and favoring the Packers. Jeff Triplette seems to be involved in a alot of badly called games.

  • Evan says:

    Yes, this referees crew is very bad. They have consistently shown they are biased and protective of top teams in the NFL. Maybe they are Goodells go to crew when he needs a game to go a certain way.

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