Jason Garrett Iced His Kicker and Costs Cowboys Win

Jason Garrett Iced KickerWeek 13, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett inexplicably iced his own kicker Dan Bailey and cost his team a win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Every loss is big in the NFL but this particular defeat may cost the Cowboys a chance at the playoffs. They still lead the NFC East but failed to gain additional ground on the New York Giants who lost a heart breaker against the Green Bay Packers.

Jason Garrett has always had this tag of being a brilliant offensive minded coach and was even paid as a head coach while working as a coordinator. But his brilliance has been slowly deeming as his talent loaded Dallas teams continue to play pretty average.

In week 13 with 7 seconds remaining in a tied game (13-13) Garrett sends out his kicker Dan Bailey to attempt a 49 yard field goal for the win. The ball is snapped and Bailey drills what seemed to be the game winning field goal.

Unfortunately for Cowboys fans "Boy Wonder" coach Jason Garrett had called a time out right before Dan Bailey kicked his field goal nullifying the kick and the points. Then Bailey proceeded to kick again but this time missed the field goal forcing over time. The Arizona Cardinals went on to win the game in over time.

Inexplicable Jason Garrett Icing His Own Kicker

This one inexplicable call can have a huge  impact in the playoff race as the New York Giants are still one game behind the Cowboys and they have 2 upcoming games. It's still a mystery why Jason Garrett essentially iced his own kicker, he wasn't very forthcoming in the post game press conference.

It remains to be seen what will happen but if Dallas were to miss the playoffs by one game you can look back at this loss as a major contributing factor. Owner Jerry Jones cannot be a happy camper right now, he has giving Jason Garrett the keys to the luxury car and his coach keeps treating it like Hugo.

4 Responses to Jason Garrett Iced His Kicker and Costs Cowboys Win

  • Santos says:

    Garrett is a coordinator not a head coach. Jerry Jones may want to make him into a great coach but it isn’t going to happen. The Dallas Cowboys will be looking for a new head coach soon, mark my words.

  • Andrew Pelt says:

    If the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs you can directly point to this stupid move by Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones needs to fire Garrett, the guy sucks as a head coach.

  • Marcos718 says:

    One of the most boneheaded moves I have ever seen in an NFL game. Who the heck ices their own kicker? Dan Bailey has to be upset about this.

  • Jason Gerry says:

    Next week the Giants are going to pound those Cowboys. I’m sure Tony Romo wants not part of our D line who always puts a beating on him. Jason Garrett is another coach who is overrated, what coach would have iced his own kicker? Seriously, why?

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