Andy Reid Leads Eagles Dysfunctional Organization

Andy Reid EaglesStop the noise and accept the fact Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles are an over hyped dysfunctional organization. I'm not basing my comments on just the 2011 season either, they have been dysfunctional for years.

Winning seasons have masked many failures for coach Andy Reid and the Eagles. I read and listen to comments about how great an organization Philadelphia has been, how great their coach is and how perfect a place it is for free agents and players in general.

Michael Vick, Nnamdi Asomugha and Vince Young were the latest players to fall into the grasp of the over hyped Eagles. But what has this organization accomplished under Reid's tenure? Since 1999 they have won 1 NFC East Championship which ended in a Super Bowl XXXIX loss to the New England Patriots. The greatness of this team and coach are a myth perpetuated by the media and fanatics.

Coach Andy Reid and Eagles Organization Are Under Achievers

Coach Andy Reid has certainly won a fair share of games and has an impressive regular season record of 122-81. Yet with all this success this team has only had one truly significant win under this coach and it wasn't even a Super Bowl win. The Eagles playoff record under Reid is 10-9 and the so called "Dream Team" will not improve on that record in 2011 as they just lost week 13 against the Seattle Seahawks to bring their current record to 4-8.

Talent has not been an issue for Philadelphia in the last decade. They have always had talented players such as Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins, Duce Staley just to name a few. The problem has been the lack of chemistry and the decision making of both Andy Reid and the Eagles Organization.

They consistently make mistakes when signing players and seem to disregard team unity and chemistry.

Decisions Which Have Hurt The Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid and the Eagles have made many peculiar moves in the last decade, here is a small sampling of the most notable ones.

In 2004 they acquired WR Terrell Owens, a talented player without a doubt who came with a ton of baggage. He played well and seem to get along with McNabb and then he unraveled. As soon as things got tough he threw his QB under the bus just like he had done in San Francisco with Jeff Garcia. Philadelphia knew exactly what they were getting when they traded for him but decided to do it anyway.

In 2007 they draft QB Kevin Kolb, the so called quarterback of the future. Without a doubt Andy Reid knew this would upset Donovan McNabb but apparently they wanted to start preparing for the future and could care less what their current QB thought.

Nothing but positive comments were made by Reid and others in the organization about Kolb. NFL analysts thought he was ready to start in 2009 if need be because he was so talented and grasped the system so well. So what do the Eagles do next?

In 2009 they sign QB and ex con Michael Vick! Now they have 3 quarterbacks on their roster which upsets McNabb even more and creates confusion and rifts within the team.

In 2010 they decide to trade Donovan and put their money on Kevin Kolb who they have been grooming for almost  3 years. They trade McNabb to an NFC East rival Washington Redskins which is a slap in the face to their former loyal quarterback who by the way was a "company man". Classy move on their part.

Kolb starts the 2010 season and gets injured. Vick takes over and plays well so the Eagles decide to get rid of the so called "quarterback of the future" and go with "Mr. Right Now". They give up on a young QB who they have been grooming to their specific system and go with a 30 year old QB who was notoriously lazy with the Atlanta Falcons. To top it off they sign him to a long term contract with just a one year sampling. Now it is evident that Michael Vick is Overrated and not worth $80 Million, too late!

In 2011 the Philadelphia Eagles go crazy signing the most sought after free agents on the market and even some roll players like ex Giants WR Steve Smith. Meanwhile talented WR Desean Jackson is ignored, a player who can provide an instant 6 points every time he touches the ball. They also completely fail to address some of their glaring needs such as linebackers and an offensive line to protect their glorified running back who poses as a quarterback in Michael Vick.

Andy Reid and the Eagles Outsmart Themselves

While other organizations were busy building competitive teams and addressing needs the Eagles were busy outsmarting themselves. They thought acquiring all these free agents and having Michael Vick as their Quarterback would take them to the promise land. Now they find themselves with a record of 4-8, a QB who clearly has reverted to his old ways and a fan base asking for heads to roll.

I'm not sure why everyone is so surprised about the current state of this team, it's not like Andy Reid and the Eagles organization have a track record of greatness, they are a dysfunctional bunch!

2 Responses to Andy Reid Leads Eagles Dysfunctional Organization

  • Philly Phil says:

    I dont want to agree with a Giants fan cause this site and writer are obviously from New York. But I do have to admit that some of your points are valid. The decision making on the free agents was not very good and definitely the long term contract for Vick was a mistake. Andy Reid isn’t to take all the blame either, he is a nice guy who does the best he can. You are ripping him a little to hard in this article.

    • Giants Rock says:

      @Philly Phil, stop talking so much crap. Like the article says the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl nor have they won even an important game, ok maybe just one and then lost to Patriots. Your fatty coach is not as good as people say he is and the Eagles suck at making moves. You can win all u want but u still dont have a Super Bowl.

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