Perry Fewell’s Giants Pass Rush and Defense Has Gone Missing

Perry Fewell GiantsNew York Giants Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell's defense is suddenly missing in action. To be more specific the Giants pass rush has gone missing!

The once ferocious pass rush which led the NFL in sacks for most of the season has been tamed, silenced and dominated by opponents. This disappearing act can be traced back to week 9 against the New England Patriots where New York played solid defense for 3 quarters and then in the 4th QT stopped pressuring Tom Brady. Since that game they are no where to be found!

New York currently ranks 6th overall in the NFL with 31 sacks but in the last 3 weeks they have only been able to record 3 sacks. Against the 49ers 2 , versus the Eagles only 1  and this past week against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints the Giants failed to get any sacks and rarely pressured the QB. The only consistent player on the defensive line for the GMEN has been Jason Pierre-Paul who currently has 10.5 sacks for the season and is tied for 3rd overall in the NFL.

Perry Fewell's Defense Looks Dazed and Confused

As stated on my recap of the week 13 game, ESPN commentator and former head coach Jon Gruden kept pointing out how confused the Giants looked on defense. They were not getting set fast enough and looked completely unprepared on many plays. This can only be attributed to a lack of preparation by the coaching staff which of course would include Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell. On offense the Saints were substituting 2-4 players almost every play with efficiency and the Giants seemed confused by this yet this is exactly what New Orleans does every week.

It has to be noted that New York has suffered a slew of injuries but every player out on that field is  a professional and it isn't like the Giants are playing with 11 rookies on defense. There was one moment where they only had 10 defensive players on the field and were bailed out by an offensive penalty.

New York Giants Defense Has Serious Issues

New York currently ranks 24th defending the run giving up a whopping 4.8 yards per carry. They are even worst defending the pass ranking 26th overall. In week 12 the Giants allowed 205 yards rushing and QB Drew Brees threw for 363 yards and 4 TD's. It was a beat down the likes I have not seen in a long time.

Once again injuries have contributed to the issues and Perry Fewell is not the only person who should be criticized. Several factors have hurt the GMEN. Justin Tuck has had an injury plagued season and does not look like himself anymore. It may be time for the Giants to consider sitting Tuck down who is playing hurt but is unable to give 100%. It's a valiant effort by Justin to try and play through his injuries but is he hurting the team more than helping at this time? The loss of Terrell Thomas for the season was huge and a recent injury to LB Michael Boley did not help matters.

Osi Umenyiora may have one foot out the door at this time, he has contract issues which have been publicized and even though he played well after coming back from injury he really has dropped off the last few weeks.

One of the biggest issues as mentioned at the beginning of this article is the lack of a pass rush. Opposing quarterbacks seem to have all day to throw the ball, going from option to option until they find an open receiver. The Giants secondary isn't that strong to begin with and allowing QB's to comfortably sit in the pocket isn't helping.

Perry Fewell does not adjust very well and frankly the defense seems uninspired under him. New York's defense has not been the same since former defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo left, he brought a tenacity and attitude which Fewell has not been able to match. Spags had defensive schemes which drove opposing teams crazy. He wasn't scared to blitz and was an aggressive coordinator unlike Fewell who is more conservative and loves to attack with only his front 4 even if they aren't being effective.

The NY Giants have a tough road ahead if they want to make the playoffs. Next week they face the best team in the NFL the Green Bay Packers. If Perry Fewell's defense does not bring a pass rush to pressure Aaron Rodgers the game could be over in the first quarter along with the 2011 season.

9 Responses to Perry Fewell’s Giants Pass Rush and Defense Has Gone Missing

  • Lachelle says:

    They didn’t look much better againts Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers torched the Giants especially in that final drive. Perry Fewell needs to go.

  • Philly Phil says:

    LOL you Giants fans have as many issues as us Eagles fans right now. But we do WON your team especially in their stadium! OWNED BABY!

  • keith says:

    I agree with most of what was said but to blitz rodgers is crazy every other QB bring the heat but rodgers gets that thing out of his hands way to fast. I couldnt figure out why we gave bree’s a clean pocket all night if the rookies cant cover blitz them and bring the heat and get some hits… I think Kevin G has to go Perry F doesnt deserve to be fired yet unless spagz becomes avail which we all know he wont. Perry lost 5 DB;s down to all rookie LB’s 2 6th rounders and undrafted FA’s then add in tuck and Osi injuries dont throw the guy out of town he doesnt have many options. The players just dont have enough time in the system to all be on the same page the most we can hope for is by the time we go to dallas everyone is clicking. The offense os totally depenant on ELI they need throw every down the run game isnt there only use jacobs to block and start ware until bradshaw is back. When we complete a pass or run we need to let the clock run all the way down so the Def can get some rest I seen to many runs followed 15 seconds later by a pass instead of milking the clock and resting the Def.

  • Keith Manson says:

    steve spagnuolo was the man, we don’t win the Super Bowl without him and of course other teams got wind of how good he was and took him away. He hasn’t had a great couple of years with Rams, I wonder what the chances are that he becomes available. He rocks!

  • defaz says:

    fire fewell bring back spags…….your always in the game with a good defence the only way this team can beat greenbay is get to rogers blitz blitz blitz perry needs grow a pair

  • G-MEN718 says:

    Both coordinators need to go, Kevin Gilbride and Perry Fewell. They both are stinking up the join with their bad play calling.

    • BK Vic says:

      I agree both coordinators should be fired. These guys haven’t done jack with a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. Lets bring in some play callers with balls cause Kevin Gilbride and Perry Fewell were neutered.

    • Giants Rock says:

      I think everyone needs to go Kevin Gilbride, Perry Fewell and Tom Coughlin, enough already with these collapses year after year. Lets start new!

  • Jeremy says:

    Perfectly put, since Spagz left the Giants they have never been the same, it also hurt that Strahan left that same season. But no doubt Spagz had some serious balls when it came to calling defensive plays. Fewell is a nice guy but no cojones!

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