Jake Ballard Touchdown Catch vs Patriots Video

Jake Ballard TD Catch vs PatriotsHere is the video of NY Giants TE Jake Ballard game winning touchdown catch against the New England Patriots week 9 of the 2011 season, Eli Manning makes a great throw. This gave the Giants a 23-20 lead, after the extra point the final score was 24-20.

Number 85 has been HUGE for New York this season, I've been raving about Ballard for several weeks now. He made BIG catches in this game including an early catch where he took a viscous hit but got up as if nothing happened.

In this same drive he caught what may have been the most important reception of the game, a ball thrown down the middle of the field where Jake reached up with one hand and secured the ball to get us a first down and prolong the drive. The NY TE ended his day with 4 big catches, 67 yards and the game winning TD! Here is the video:

Jake Ballard Game Winning TD vs New England Patriots Video

He is becoming a fan favorite, here is an article I wrote about him a few weeks back Jake Ballard Emerging for NY Giants.

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  • Big Blues says:

    Wish Eli would have looked Ballards way against the 49ers week 10. He only threw to him late in the game, Nicks was also MIA for a while.

  • Diana Rodgers says:

    He is such an important part of our offense now. He rarely misses a ball if thrown anywhere near him. Great pick up by New York.

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