Brandon Jacobs Should Be Benched By NY Giants

Brandon Jacobs NY GiantsIs it time for the NY Giants to bench RB Brandon Jacobs?

I am not writing this article as a prisoner of the moment due to Jacobs recent comments about not wanting to be in New York next season. For the last two years I have been writing and expressing my thoughts on how overrated Brandon is especially when compared to standout RB Ahmad Bradshaw.

In 2009 I wrote "Brandon Jacobs Running Softly" after watching the 6'4" 260+ pound back consistently tippy toe throughout the field like a ballerina instead of an NFL running back.

After his comments this past week Jacobs comes back from injury gets on the field and does absolutely nothing! He carried the ball 4 times for 10 yards which averages out to 2.5 yards per carry. He also dropped a short pass from Eli Manning which hit his hands perfectly. He eventually caught one pass for zero yards.

What was more disheartening was watching Brandon Jacobs run, at one point he took a hand off and ran right up to the line extended his left arm out and began doing his usual ballet dance behind a lineman until he got tackled gaining zero yards. This is a recurring theme for the big running back, not only this season but this has plagued him for the past 3 seasons now. Jacobs does not hit holes hard anymore, he just tippy toe's himself up to the line, leans forward and becomes an easy tackle. Sad to say that about a player with his size and potential. He has lost a step and at some point or another he lost the guts needed to run through holes or opposing players.

Brandon Jacobs on the Decline

In 2011 Brandon Jacobs has carried the ball 42 times for a total of 126 yards (3.0 yards on average), he has been injured and when healthy has played poorly behind a more talented and explosive player in Bradshaw. With all that being said Jacobs actually has the nerve to complain about how the Giants are using him? He is lucky to have a job not only with the GMEN but in the NFL.

He gets paid more than Ahmad Bradshaw and contributes less, and now is becoming a cancer on the team with his big mouth. New York has done him a favor by making him the backup and practically extending his career. That role helped him have somewhat of a resurgence last season in 2010 when he carried the ball 147 times for a total of 823 yards, that's an average of 5.6 yards per carry with 9 TD's. The backup role suits him at this stage of his career and prolongs his time in the NFL. Even with somewhat better stats in 2010 he was still very frustrating to watch especially in goal line situations where he is not very effective at all.

Compare those 2010 stats as a backup to his 2009 stats as a starter. In 2009 he carried the ball 224 times for a total of 835 yards, that is only 3.7 yard on average per carry and only scored 5 touchdowns. The truth is Brandon Jacobs had a couple of good years for the Giants in 2007 and 2008 but he has been on the decline since 2009.

Does Brandon really think there is a market out there for him or that there are teams willing to trade for a big running back who runs small? I understand pride gets in the way but instead of complaining he should appreciate his situation with New York, which has him currently as the highest paid RB on the team despite his lack of production.

The New York Giants should consider benching or even cutting Brandon Jacobs and allowing Da'rel Scott or DJ Ware an opportunity to play and show what they have to offer.

2 Responses to Brandon Jacobs Should Be Benched By NY Giants

  • Josh L says:

    Brandon Jacobs had a much better game yesterday against the Patriots as a starter, even scored a touchdown. I think he just wants a fair chance.

  • Gerald C says:

    Tired of Jacobs already. Excellent point about him making more money than any other RB on the team and yet produces the least. DJ Ware deserves a chance.

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