Victor Cruz Brings More Than Salsa to NY Giants

Victor Cruz Salsa Dancer NY GiantsCharismatic 24 year old NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is a heck of a salsa dancer but has proven to be an even better football player.

New York began the 2011 season with a young wide receiving core which included Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Dominik Hixon. Cruz was 4th on the depth chart and received added playing time when Hixon went down with a season ending injury.

He has taken that opportunity and made the best of it, quickly rising to the national spotlight in part due to the Victor Cruz fumble controversy but also due to his exciting style of play.

He currently has 19 receptions 386 receiving yards and 3 unbelievable touchdowns which included 2 TD catches versus NFC East rivals Philadelphia Eagles.

Victor Cruz Background

The salsa dancing skills come from his mother Blanca who is Puerto Rican, his father is of African American descent. He attended high school in Paterson NJ (Paterson Catholic High School) and played college football for UMass.

Cruz had his up and downs at UMass due to his grades and at one point was even kicked out. He displayed true perseverance going back to New Jersey and taking classes at Passaic County Community College and County College of Morris. He reflected, worked hard and was able to work his way back to UMass where he ultimately ended his college career as the fourth leading receiver in school history with 131 receptions. Even more amazing is that Victor accomplished this despite only playing his junior and senior years at the University of Massachusetts.

At UMass he gave everyone a glimpse of his big game potential, recording the best game of any wide receiver in the schools history catching 13 balls for 262 yards and 2 touchdowns versus James Madison.

Victor Cruz Football, Business and Social Media

On the field Cruz has had moments of greatness and moments which can make a hardcore Giants fan skip a heart beat. The previously mention fumble controversy which of course any Giants fan will tell you was the correct call by the ref. Followed by the game ending interception this past week 5 versus the Seattle Seahawks where Victor had a chance to make a tough catch inside the 5 yard line but unfortunately the ball deflected from his hand and eventually ended up in the arms of a Seattle defender who ran it back for a touchdown. There was enough blame to go around in that game and it would be unfair to just magnify that one moment.

During that same game Cruz also had the best TD of the afternoon, catching a deflected ball and running it back for the score.

I saw Victor Cruz first play in 2010 in a preseason game versus the New York Jets, he wore the number 3 and he scored 3 touchdowns and torched the defense. I instantly became a fan and in the back of my mind thought this could be it for Steve Smith once his contract is up. Sure enough this season Steve Smith was not resigned and ended up with the Eagles. After that preseason game versus the Jets, coach Rex Ryan was quoted as saying

I don't know who No. 3 is, but holy shit!

When Cruz isn't on the field you can find him on Twitter @TeamVic. His popularity has gone through the roof but somehow he manages to try and reply to most of his fans. I jokingly sent him a tweet once thinking he may get a chuckle and just ignore it but instead he ended up replying and re-tweeting it. Number 80 seems to find time for all his fans.

Victor Cruz also has a clothing line out along with his friend Nate Collins of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the line is named YoungWhales and it is sharp!

Victor has good speed, good hands and can break defenders ankles in the open field, his potential is unlimited. He is exciting to watch, works hard and seems like a humble young man. I can't wait to see more highlights of Victor Cruz and more salsa dancing.

11 Responses to Victor Cruz Brings More Than Salsa to NY Giants

  • Azzie says:

    They featured Victor Cruz in ESPN’s Sports Science t a couple of days ago. They should have broken down his salsa dance lol. He is blowing up.

  • Luis H says:

    Victor Cruz can dance salsa every game is he continues to score touchdowns. Go GIANTS!

  • Philly Rules says:

    This site if just full of Philadelphia Eagles haters. Victor Cruz couldn’t even carry Desean Jackson’s jock strap. Stop sweating this guy he has made as many good lays as bad ones. He wouldn’t even start on the Eagles right now.

  • Mario Baracas says:

    I think Victor Cruz will be a good wide receiver too many people acting like he is the next Jerry Rice. Not saying he isn’t good, but more like a Wes Welker type.

  • JetsLoyalist says:

    I’m a Jets fan but will admit Cruz killed us in that preseason game. Didn’t think much of it cause it was pre season but he is now proving it when it counts. Hate to say this but I’d rather have Victor Cruz than Plaxico Burress who is lazy!

  • Jersey Boy says:

    Victor Cruz is the truth, he is gonna be a super star. He racs up alot of YAC, for all you noobies thats yards after the catch.

  • True G-Man says:

    This kid is the real deal, Victor Cruz is gonna eventually be the number 1 receiver for Eli, mark my words. Hakeem Nicks is good but Vic is awesome.

  • NJ-Jason says:

    Cruz is great, he may be the best run after the catch wide receiver the Giants have and thats saying a lot cause Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham are pretty darn good. Hope we can kep these 3 kids together for a long time.

  • Diana says:

    Victor Cruz does seem like an all around good guy, he seems to embrace fans maybe cause he is ne t the spotlight. Good wide receiver too, ESPN’s host from Sports Nation keeps saying the Giants are using him wrong. He is an outside receiver not an inside possession one like Steve Smith, any thoughts?

  • James Giants Fan says:

    I really like the way Victor Cruz plays, he has made a couple of mental mistakes which he needs to address but he has alot of upside and talent. Hard t believe he was undrafted.

  • KingofQueens says:

    Great piece, Victor Cruz is definitely the real deal. Didn’t even know he had a clothing line, gonna check that out. The NY Giants may have the best group of young wide receivers in the league if you are looking for 3.

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